17 August 2009

Face Vacation

Does your face need a vacation? Maybe it’s also under a little stress and everyone can tell! This problem can be simply fixed with a facial; it brings about a needed break for your face, its almost like comfort food but for the face to get a little soothing action. Facials help to create that sexy glow and keep you healthy, while rejuvenating and energizing dull skin. It removes dead outer layers of cells on the skin’s surface. The massage factor of a facial helps blood circulate, which helps remove toxins and waste from the body. Your skin is the largest organ and performs important functions, such as protecting us from foreign substances and managing the transfer for the release of toxins. With this being said we have to give our beautiful faces a little loving!

Who would have thought that facials can be so great for your face! Let’s face it, who can afford regular professional facials? So here are a few techniques for Home Facials and some neat products that can bring that natural glow back.

1. Cleanse: You have to make sure your face is properly cleaned. There are many techniques for this step soap and water, warmed milk and olive oil, as well as over the counter cleansing products. Massage your cleansing product of choice into your face, and then remove with warm water.

(Cleanser Products: Cetaphil Cleanser, Boscia Cleansing Cream, Clinique Wash Away Cleanser, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, and Olay Foam Face Washing, )

*Extra: Sephora Cleanser Picks

How To Make A Cleanser

2. Exfoliate: You can use an over the counter exfoliate or make your own. A popular home-made consist of dry oatmeal, almond oil, sea salt, and fresh mint.

(Exfoliate Products: Biomedic Conditioning Solution, Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment, and Clarins Skin Care)

*Extra: Sephora Exfoliating Picks

How To Make A Sugar Scrub

3. Tone: After steps 1 and 2, you want to remove all the cleansers from your face and create some moisture. Besides the use of over the counter tones, witch hazel has proved to be a strong toner to help fight blemishes.

(Toner Products: Alba Facial Toners, Witch Hazel Toner, and Tea Tree Toner)

*Extra: Sephora Toner Picks

How To Make A Facial Toner

4. Steam: To get that deep clean, steaming will help open up the pores. A simple cloth, boiled water and your favorite fragrant herb can be the best steam machine possible.

How To Make A Facial Steam

5. Mask: Not always a necessary step, but to get that necessary added deep cleanse, a mask is a great tool. There are many mask products on the market, a clay based mask is recommended.

(Mask Products: Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask, Biore Self Heating Mask, and Clinique Deep Cleaning Emergency Mask)

*Extra: Sephora Mask Picks

How To Make A Face Mask

6. Massage: Just like we love to indulge in body massages, our faces need a little attention. Take a gentle face cream and warm it up and massage it into your face.

(Face Cream Products: Olay Regenerating Lotions, Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, Clinique Moisturizing Gel, and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Cream)

*Extra: Sephora Cream Picks

How To Make Herbal Face Cream


P.S. Set The Mood, Have The Right Mellow Music Playing and Even Dim The Lights!


  1. Good Post Lady! I think I need a face vacation right about now LOL!

    and have you used warm milk on your face before? I've never heard of that...might try it!

  2. I never used just that, but I hear its pretty decent. Although I think its real specific to the type of milk.

  3. I just looked up the Milk and Honey Facial and I'm going to try it tonight.
    1 Tablespoon Honey + 1 teaspoon Milk - Leave on 10 minutes and rinse well.

  4. Whole, Raw or Organic Milk was specified and preferably locally grown honey (farmer's market would be great to get that from)

  5. Thx Ms. Cat! Pls let us know how it works. I'll probably give it a try this weekend!


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