15 September 2009

Myth Busters: Bad Things That Are GOOD For Your Skin

We've all heard the myths and I'm pretty sure that at some point in our lives, maybe your mom or someone else has given you stern advice on the things you should stay far far away from in order to maintain a clear complexion. One of the main things my mother would always tell me is to "lay off the sodas" because they aren't good for you or your skin. I must say through the years her words have ALWAYS come back to bite me in the butt when I do the opposite of what she's told me. Hey, I'm hardheaded. Don't judge me. LOL!

I think it's pretty clear that things such as soda can be the culprit behind those ugly breakouts that just won't go away. Or could that be just a myth? I'll let you be the judge. I spotted these fun facts in this months issue of Glamour Magazine. You wouldn't believe some of the naughty little things that they claim are actually good for you. Find out what made the list, below...


Oh my! Not to sure about this one but according to their study they claim that women who consumed 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily for 12 weeks experienced less dryness in their skin, better blood flow and the antioxidant's even created resistance to sun damage.

According to another study on CNN they claim that chocolate can also create a happier heart, better blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain which might even boost your memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills.

Off to Godiva!!! LOL! 


Fruit Juice:

Ut Oh!!! I'm such a culprit when it comes to this one. One of my fave fruit juices is Berry Minute Maid. This is another one my mom warned me about. While the sugar & calories aren't necessarily good for you, believe it or not most of your fave fruity drinks are packed with antioxidants.

Did you know that fruits such as papaya, oranges, lemons & pomegranates can act as antidotes to high blood pressure? Fruits & Vegetables act as scavengers to our bodies and drive away harmful & toxic waste. For info on more helpful fruits and their curative properties, read more about it here.

Oil-rich Cleansers:

Oooh-Wee! Gotta admit I'm VERY skeptical about this one. Especially being someone with overly oily skin, it just seems taboo to use products that may increase the intensity of the problem. 

But, according to dermatologist, oil-rich cleansers can actually HELP oily skin. "Cleansers that contain emulsifying oils, such as vitimen E or castor oil can breakdown and dissolve dirt without over drying it, like harsh cleaners can"


This is definitely a common concern. I think we (women) have the tendency to associate sweat with being a contributing factor to breakouts during workouts. So some even reduce intense exercise to avoid skin irritation.

This is another myth! Doctors claim that perspiration is GOOD for the skin. It opens pores, releases dirt and generally encourages skin to function properly. 

French Fries:

"Yeah, Right!" <-- That was my first reaction when I spotted this little teaser on the list.  

Their NOT actually good for your skin but contrary to popular belief their not bad for it either. French Fries & other greasy fools (even sodas) don't cause pimples. 

One of the biggest myths is that Acne is caused by what you eat. Is this true? Yes and No.  I'm still a firm believer in the saying "you are what you eat". Bottom line, if you eat healthier more than likely your skin will maintain a healthier glow, no science to that! 

However, acne is actually cause by over production of sebum (oil) and obstruction of the pores. The amount of sebum produced by the skin is is regulated by hormones only, not food. 
Not sure if I want to believe that 100% but good to know!

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