08 September 2009

Smooth Away: It Can't Be That Easy?

Yeah...Yeah..I'm an "As Seen on TV" addict but
...can you really blame me? I mean those infomercials make the products seem sooooooo AMAZING!

And not to mention they are usually very affordable. The demonstrations of the products ALWAYS seem so EASY, which is usually the leading factor that draws me in every time. My mother actually put me on to this product, she was interested in giving it a try and after watching the infomercial I have to say I was instantly intrigued.

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a bargain shopper per say, but I do recognize a "seemingly" good deal when I see one. And what did I have to lose? Nothing but hair, right?! So I purchased the Smooth Away at my local CVS for $9.99. I initially bought it per my mother's request but like most things, I have the tendency to be her voluntary guinea pig (I like to try the new stuff

first). So like a kid with a new toy I wanted to try it right away.
Once opening the box I immediately noticed and admired the simplicity of its contents. Everything was packaged neatly and it came inside a small travel size case with pockets. The directions were on one side and the Applicators on the other. Now I must admit I'm not a fan of reading directions and hey it looked simple enough, so I didn't hesitate to jump right in...

The contents included:

1 large applicator, which was for more vast areas of the body such as the legs, arms etc.

1 small applicator, designed for smaller areas such as the face.

5 large replacement pads and 5 small replacement pads for each applicator.

I wanted to try the product out on my legs first. So I used it fresh out of the shower to make sure my skin was clean & clear from oils and residue. I towel dried my skin and was ready to give it a go. Upon initial contact I noticed right away that not much progress was being accomplished. I decided to brief over the instructions and then applied the large applicator firmly against my legs in a circular motion as the directions suggested.

The firmer I held the applicator, the more I noticed the hair was indeed falling off. But this was NOT an easy process. In fact it was quite difficult for such a product that was seemingly built for simplicity. I finally gave up after removing only about 60% of the hair. My legs felt somewhat smooth but they were extremely dry and flaky looking. I decided to try out the smaller applicator on my face, just along my sideburns. The hair was finer there, so I figured it shouldn't be as much work. Boy was I WRONG! It was just as difficult as the other one if not more, and hardly any hair was lifting from the surface. Shortly after, my skin on my legs and face felt irritated. My legs felt like they had carpet burns.

This product was such a waste of money in my opinion. Don't be fooled by the infomercial, it is NOT as easy as they make it seem. The pain factor is a big OUCH! and the applicators feel like you're rubbing a nail file or sandpaper against your skin. I definitely wouldn't recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin because it literally left me with scratches on my face and painful burn marks across my legs. Maybe someone else has had better luck with this product, but I sure didn't. Thumbs Down!


  1. I had the same experience. Not fun. I hated this product. My mother and sister wanted to get it, and I told them it didn't really work. I let them test it for themselves with mine since I didn't want it anymore. They agreed. Certainly not all its cracked up to be.

  2. same for me
    it was such a rip off
    works like crap


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