30 September 2009

Wednesdays Weekly Obsession: The Urban Punk Rock Princess Look

I picked this look because I’m all about putting pieces that necessarily shouldn’t be together into perfect harmony. As Odara would call it the punk rock princess look, I just call it be yourself and don’t be afraid to add items to create the look you want outfit! LOL.

 I chose a JJ Park netted skirt, because I love the dimensional layers and the length, it’s not too short it’s just right. The color is awesome and can be paired with many different options. This skirt is $99 but can be found at many other stores for less, such as Forever 21.



I’m a simple Tee type of lady, so I paired this skirt with a Famous Last words Tee ($30.00); It’s a great peach and Grey tee that goes perfectly with the skirt and just the right size to stop exactly at the bow, almost as if it was a dress.


There is nothing wrong with throwing a jacket in your outfit from time to time, especially for the cooler day but make sure to add your own personal flair. On this look, I chose an Ultimate Jeweled Jacket that is pretty colorful and funky to bring the outfit out.

In addition, I added a Cotton Bow Brooch, to add my main color and showcase my love for the brooches and bows!


The shoes I chose was a pink leather high heel to add some length to your legs in this skirt. The stud embellishment makes the whole look come together.

One accessory I had to add was the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch; I absolutely adore this pricey piece of beauty. It’s small and funky, although its $1500, check out your local stores and find cheap alternatives.


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