30 October 2009

Fab Find Friday: Cute N Cheap

So I wanted to put myself to the test and create a totally cheap outfit (well at least try). I wanted each item to be $50 or less. Just want everyone to know you can be yourself and sexy even on a budget. No matter how much money you have to spend you can make it work if you put in the work. I think I did a nice job and created a cute after work outing attire. Hope you like.

I started my challenge with a skirt. I found a Grey Spot Waterfall Skirt from Miss Selfridge for $49. It’s cute and sexy and have a nice detail of frill down the front of the skirt.

Grey Spot Waterfall Skirt

To give this skirt a little sexy touch, I wanted to add a Lace cup Corset with eyelet fastening on back. This corset provides a sexy silhouette and looks great under a jacket. This corset can be found at Topshop for $46.

Lace Cup Corset

I wanted to add a nice blazer to put on top of the corset. something cute yet a different color. I went with a Blue Ruffled blazer to give that extra sexy layer. This blazer has tiered ruffle, notched lapel, double faceted buttons for only $33 at Charlotte Russe.

Ruffled Blazer


Shoes were a tough area to find something nice and reasonable under $50. I did come across a nice Grey studded Bow Back Ankle Boot, from a company in the UK called Desire Clothing. These boots were $41

Grey Studded Bow Back Ankle Boots - Boots - desireclothing.co.uk


I had to add a cute little add-on of some Metallic Butterfly Studs. These are so cute and will definitely add a little personal touch.

Metallic butterfly studs

The total for this outfit came to $173, which is not too bad for a Blazer, Skirt, Corset, Boots, and Studs.

As always Ladies make sure to add a little personal touch/signature into your outfits.

26 October 2009

Makeup Mondays: The Lash Experiment...

I'm no expert on MOST things when it comes to makeup and its very rare that I switch up my routine. But, I've been on a "lets try something new" kick lately LOL! So I came up with the bright idea that I would try out some lashes. I'm not even gonna lie, I was VERY optimistic and didn't know what to expect. I knew right off that I didn't want to buy anything too expensive since this was my FIRST time trying them. There wasn't a need to get all fancy for a little trial & error.

I bought a starter kit from CVS


(it comes with the Eyelashes, Glue and The Applicator)

OK, so CLEARLY I didn't put quite enough glue on this one LOL! :-)

But this one turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!
(I have incredibly oily skin...ugghhhh!!!!)

Let's check out my very first Vlog and Tutorial from my eyelash experiment.

(I actually used a digital camera to record this so I apologize for the audio quality and next time I'll try to get better footage)

I'd definitely recommend this starter kit for anyone trying out lashes for the very first time. Also, despite the fact that they looked super long in the packaging, these lashes in particular were extremely subtle I honestly don't think anyone would've noticed that I was wearing them.

They looked very natural  and I loved that about them!

The finished product!!! LOL I swear I can't even tell a difference...

Hmmm maybe I'll try some Lady GaGa'ish lashes next time...Nah I'll just leave that to Shercole LMAO! :-)


22 October 2009

Outrageous!!! Shoe Buyers Beware!

So, I went shoe shopping the other weekend, nothing fancy I just needed some casual flats for the office. And since I really don't care about the glam, my main priority was finding something comfortable, affordable and it wouldn't hurt if it was also easy on the eyes LOL. There aren't too many shoe stores with a lot of variety in my neck of the woods and I really didn't feel like going on an adventure, so I ended up @ DSW.

I'm not a big fan of the store. I think they're over priced and the selection is never really that great, however I have lucked up a few times and found a few hidden treasures. (this was NOT one of those times)

I stumbled across these babies...

The Osh Flats By Mudd

At first glance, all I could think was very casual and simple, maybe not the cutest flats but I loved the ruffles!!! I initially wanted them in black but they were out of my size. I tried them on and even walked around the store in them and they seemed very comfortable. But little did I know it was just a ploy to cover up their dirty little secret *evil laugh* Well, ok maybe it wasn't exactly a ploy, but why do things always look and feel so good when you're in the store?

I wore these for the first & ONLY time on Monday and they felt pretty good, well until I actually got out of my car. As soon as I walked into my building, I knew right then that it was going to be a trying day...They were EXTREMELY uncomfortable! At first I figured well maybe like most new shoes they needed to be broken in, so I tried to walk around the office in them for a minute. BIG MISTAKE!!! The more I moved the worse the pain got, THROBBING pain.  It felt like I was walking on ROCKS! These shoes rubbed the back of my ankle and the bone on the side of my foot and left me with bruises by the end of the day. At one point I actually kicked them off, that's the only time I was able to get relief. After I got off work I looked online @ these shoes and read the reviews. And not to my surprise there were several people who experienced the exact same problems with them.

I will definitely be taking these back this weekend and honestly I don't think I'll EVER buy another Mudd brand product. I think it's crazy how one shoe can make me hate an entire BRAND lol, but to me first impressions say a lot and these were screaming DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!! These were flats for God's sake, flats should NEVER be uncomfortable, seriously that should be like Rule #3 in the shoe buying handbook LOL. Hopefully I can prevent another girl from making the same mistakes...

What did I learn from this?
  1.  I think I HATE the Mudd brand
  2.  ALWAYS go online prior to purchasing and read the product REVIEWS
  3.  ALWAYS bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes when you wear a pair of new ones for the first time.
  4. OUCH!!!!

Have you ever purchased a product that felt or looked awesome in the store, but ended up the total opposite when you got it home? What are some of your bad product experiences?

Tell me about it!


21 October 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession: The Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System

The new makeup toy I’m craving for right now is Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System. It’s all that is right in the world of makeup. It is the one machine that will give you that flawless professional look in easy steps in your own house. Temptu uses an airbrush technique that gives a precise application to the face. With TEMPTU you can achieve sheer, medium, or full coverage through adjustable air pressure dial. This lightweight equipment is mess and mistake proof! Included is an airbrush cradle, air-hose and AC adapter.  This product could be a girls dream….. Currently, the product is priced at $225 and is only used with TEMPTU Air Pod makeup $55, which currently doesn’t have a great selection of skin tones, although it ranges from porcelain to Espresso. 

Buy It Here 

Check out the product in action below:


19 October 2009

Makeup Mondays: The Ultimate Blockbuster Palette

Remember last week when I mentioned I was going to reveal what I purchased during Sephora's sweet little promotion they had going on?

Well, it finally arrived and I'm super excited!!! Let me introduce you to Sephora's  Ultimate Blockbuster Palette "Collectors Edition". When I first laid eyes on this beauty I knew it was too tempting to turn down. Every girl should have one of these in her collection!


This baby comes packed with tons of eyeshadow, lip gloss, blushes and liners. It even includes a couple of  applicators and brushes. There's such a wide variety of colors and endless possibilities. One of the things I love the most about this palette is that it's such a large kit but not bulky, it's so compact. Being able to fold the compartments is definitely a plus and ideal for space saving when it comes to storage.

These are my free samples i chose with my order! I haven't had a chance to try them out just yet.

And you already know I couldn't wait to give a few of those shadows a try, right?

This is my very first time experimenting with blending, and I don't think I did too bad. I only used mascara and blended 3-4 colors together. Two different blues and two different purples.

Next time I'll add eyeliner and I'm going to buy a white pencil to make the colors more defined!

While I must say the only  downside  I've noticed so far with this palette is that some of the colors aren't as bold or as rich as others, and some barely show against my skin.  But, with so many colors to choose from I'd hardly call that a setback. So please stay tuned, because I'll be playing with more looks in the future!


16 October 2009

Fab Find Friday: Teal Dress Love

I’m a short lady, so of course I have to find dresses that are a little bit shorter just for it to be regular length on me. A dress that would never give such problems has to be the Hayden-Harnett Thames Silk Dress. This beautiful dress includes Oyster and my absolute fave color Seafog. This type of dress is one you can decide to wear to different types of events and never go wrong. To give it a more special touch, I added a Lace Bow Corsage on the collar giving it an offbeat color appeal, as well as blend in with the shoes. I chose a color boot of a pink and electric silver and teal. Due to my obsession with bags, you know I had to add a little something for only $8. The American Apparel Bag-O-Scraps is cool, they took different Fabric scraps to make a simply little bag, you can even sew it on a simple mini clutch u have to make a new style. I love this look, it’s cute, sophisticated, and appealing.

Hayden-Harnett THAMES Silk Dress


Buy Here

Electrica Love Heel


Buy Here

Lace Bow Corsage


Buy Here

Stone Flower Studs


Buy Here



Buy Here


14 October 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession: The Melie Bianco Hobo

Excuse me while I drool for a second...You gals already know that I LOVE bags, no really I think I'm obsessed (is this normal?).

This weeks obsession is the Double Pocket Hobo With Studded Flaps by Melie Bianco!  This baby caught my attention at first glance. I spotted it while watching The Wendy William's Show during one of her fashion segments, where she featured fashion finds and accessories all for under $100!

The design of this bag is so chic and hardcore wrapped into one. I think the studded hardware really sets it off!

I'm sooooo mad @ Wendy for introducing me to this site! I absolutely love it! I've literally been stalking it daily because this bag has been OUT OF STOCK!!! *cries* But, low & behold I made my daily visit this morning and they finally have it! *dances*

Now my only dilemma is whether to get it in Purple or Green?


(Trust me I want both colors)

Check out some of my other picks by Melie Bianco:


This baby comes straight from their Bohemian Deluxe collection. And I gotta say I think it's a bit large to be called a clutch, but its still adorable! No worries it comes with a chain strap for those who don't like the whole clutch idea.Such a flirty little bag!


One word... "Jazzy" ! This bag comes in multiple colors but the bronze has to be my FAVE! I love the folds it adds so much flair to it and it also comes with a detachable strap as well. Definitely on my wish list this year!


I don't even think I can perfectly describe why I love this bag. But I kinda have an iffy relationship with this one. You ever looked at something that's maybe not so cute but yet you still love it? Something about it draws you in? Well, that's exactly what this one does for me LOL!  Although I know the color is not necessarily an "everyday" kinda deal, I still love this shade! Bottom line, it's different and I do like different :-)


Deal Of The Day: Sephora Freebies!!!

It's no secret, I LOVE shopping for beauty products. What makes it even more exciting are the perks that sometimes come along with it! My mom actually gave me the heads up on this sweet little deal (hey, it runs in the family). And I'm not one to pass up a good thing when I see it, especially when its FREE! Sephora's currently running a promotion where you can get 5 free samples of YOUR choice with ANY purchase! The best part of this deal is that there's no minimum purchase requirements, so you can spend as little or as much as you want and you'll still be eligible to receive your FREE gifts. How awesome is that?

But, HURRY ladies its only for a limited time. And when I say limited I mean the promotion ENDS tomorrow, it's only good through October 15th. Sorry I couldn't have shared this earlier with you gals but hey I just learned about it over the weekend. So head on over to Sephora right now and enjoy!!!

By the way, I can't wait to show you what I purchased with my FREE samples, I'm already in LOVE with it. So stay tuned next week for the big reveal *wink*


12 October 2009

D.I.Y. Lip Gloss

My Homemade Lip Gloss Brings The Boys To The Yard

What lady doesn’t want that glossy luster juicing up their lips these days? Something about lip gloss just makes the lips look so sexy, no one can resist it (unless it’s taking a tad far). A problem though is lip glosses come in such limited colors and flavors at times. Solution! Try out making your own. Im a D.I.Y. nerd, so I find these projects awesome, this gives you a opportunity to try out different flavors and colors and make what you want and even share with or sell to friends! Not to mention Boredom Cure.
Here is some tips for a very easy Lip Gloss

Store Bought Lip Balm (Natural- Alcohol Free)
Food Flavoring
Castor Oil
Iron Oxides
Cosmetic Glitter
Microwave Safe Dish or Jar
Empty Lip Glaze Pen

Other DIY Lip Gloss Products


07 October 2009

D.I.Y. Brush Cleanser

You have to keep your makeup brushes clean folks. This will save you time and lots of money on your beautiful brushes. Each time you use your brushes it’s contaminated with bacteria, oxidized colors, skin oils, and no telling what else. Keeping your brushes clean will keep those contaminants away from you and your brushes. To help you in your new quest for fresh and clean brushes I found a great little home project for you! The perfect solution for a D.I.Y brush cleanser! This is something you can do at home easy, quickly and with things you have in the house! Can’t get better than that!

Distilled Water (purified water)
Detergent (Dish Washing Soap)
Hair Shampoo
Spray on Leave in Conditioner
Mixing Jar (Tall Glass)
Empty Bottle

Alternative Products
I know some of you ladies are not about making things yourself, so I included some on the market products that will get the job done for you quick and as cheap as possible!

Bare Escentuals “i.d. well-cared for”


Buy Here

Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser


Buy Here

My Pick!!!! Sephora Professional “Daily Brush Cleaner To Go”


Buy Here

Smash Box Brush Cleaner


Buy Here

Mac Brush Cleaner


Buy Here


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