14 October 2009

Deal Of The Day: Sephora Freebies!!!

It's no secret, I LOVE shopping for beauty products. What makes it even more exciting are the perks that sometimes come along with it! My mom actually gave me the heads up on this sweet little deal (hey, it runs in the family). And I'm not one to pass up a good thing when I see it, especially when its FREE! Sephora's currently running a promotion where you can get 5 free samples of YOUR choice with ANY purchase! The best part of this deal is that there's no minimum purchase requirements, so you can spend as little or as much as you want and you'll still be eligible to receive your FREE gifts. How awesome is that?

But, HURRY ladies its only for a limited time. And when I say limited I mean the promotion ENDS tomorrow, it's only good through October 15th. Sorry I couldn't have shared this earlier with you gals but hey I just learned about it over the weekend. So head on over to Sephora right now and enjoy!!!

By the way, I can't wait to show you what I purchased with my FREE samples, I'm already in LOVE with it. So stay tuned next week for the big reveal *wink*


  1. As much as all of us talk about Sephora they should be sending us all kinda goodies lol lol

  2. I know right?! They should be sending us gift bags GALORE! LOL!


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