30 October 2009

Fab Find Friday: Cute N Cheap

So I wanted to put myself to the test and create a totally cheap outfit (well at least try). I wanted each item to be $50 or less. Just want everyone to know you can be yourself and sexy even on a budget. No matter how much money you have to spend you can make it work if you put in the work. I think I did a nice job and created a cute after work outing attire. Hope you like.

I started my challenge with a skirt. I found a Grey Spot Waterfall Skirt from Miss Selfridge for $49. It’s cute and sexy and have a nice detail of frill down the front of the skirt.

Grey Spot Waterfall Skirt

To give this skirt a little sexy touch, I wanted to add a Lace cup Corset with eyelet fastening on back. This corset provides a sexy silhouette and looks great under a jacket. This corset can be found at Topshop for $46.

Lace Cup Corset

I wanted to add a nice blazer to put on top of the corset. something cute yet a different color. I went with a Blue Ruffled blazer to give that extra sexy layer. This blazer has tiered ruffle, notched lapel, double faceted buttons for only $33 at Charlotte Russe.

Ruffled Blazer


Shoes were a tough area to find something nice and reasonable under $50. I did come across a nice Grey studded Bow Back Ankle Boot, from a company in the UK called Desire Clothing. These boots were $41

Grey Studded Bow Back Ankle Boots - Boots - desireclothing.co.uk


I had to add a cute little add-on of some Metallic Butterfly Studs. These are so cute and will definitely add a little personal touch.

Metallic butterfly studs

The total for this outfit came to $173, which is not too bad for a Blazer, Skirt, Corset, Boots, and Studs.

As always Ladies make sure to add a little personal touch/signature into your outfits.


  1. LOVE this entire look! And that skirt is theBOMB.com

  2. Thanks! I knowww I think Im gonna buy it, its too cheap and the jacket!

  3. ummm on average my clothes run in the 50.00 and up range so are you ladies paying more on average for your clothes?

  4. Coley you come up with the cutest outfits and those suede booties are to die for! I love this entire look and the price, well, it can't be beat! :)

  5. As for me 78 I am the queen of bargain shopping this is expensive to me I will buy everything on extreme sale and create outfits

  6. Thanks DanniGyrl. I reall like the boots as well and like the price 2!


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