26 October 2009

Makeup Mondays: The Lash Experiment...

I'm no expert on MOST things when it comes to makeup and its very rare that I switch up my routine. But, I've been on a "lets try something new" kick lately LOL! So I came up with the bright idea that I would try out some lashes. I'm not even gonna lie, I was VERY optimistic and didn't know what to expect. I knew right off that I didn't want to buy anything too expensive since this was my FIRST time trying them. There wasn't a need to get all fancy for a little trial & error.

I bought a starter kit from CVS


(it comes with the Eyelashes, Glue and The Applicator)

OK, so CLEARLY I didn't put quite enough glue on this one LOL! :-)

But this one turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!
(I have incredibly oily skin...ugghhhh!!!!)

Let's check out my very first Vlog and Tutorial from my eyelash experiment.

(I actually used a digital camera to record this so I apologize for the audio quality and next time I'll try to get better footage)

I'd definitely recommend this starter kit for anyone trying out lashes for the very first time. Also, despite the fact that they looked super long in the packaging, these lashes in particular were extremely subtle I honestly don't think anyone would've noticed that I was wearing them.

They looked very natural  and I loved that about them!

The finished product!!! LOL I swear I can't even tell a difference...

Hmmm maybe I'll try some Lady GaGa'ish lashes next time...Nah I'll just leave that to Shercole LMAO! :-)


  1. I love the outcome.

    Im just scared of glue and me needing a steady hand to draw a straight line lol. I can't even draw a straight line on paper.

    Great job u did!

  2. Thanks girly! LMAO I promise its easy! But if you're having trouble just put a little glue on a flat surface and dip the tip of the lashes in it, that way yo don't have to be precise with drawing a line lol!

  3. Hi! Just thought I'd share that I found my falsies for $3.50 at Sally Beauty (at least that was the price down here in Florida, not sure if it varies). The brand is Ardelle (they were right by the Modlash ones) and look the same as these you got. If you liked the look and want to keep doing it, I thought you might want to know that you can get them for an even bigger bargain. Also, I like to take some eyeshadow on a liner brush and put it over the line where you put your falsies to help mask them even better. Good job with your first try!

  4. Hi Erika! $3.50 is a steal!!! Thanks for the heads up I'm definitely going to take a trip to Sally's this weekend!

    And I'm gonna try the eyeshadow trick the next time I apply them! Thanks!


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