22 October 2009

Outrageous!!! Shoe Buyers Beware!

So, I went shoe shopping the other weekend, nothing fancy I just needed some casual flats for the office. And since I really don't care about the glam, my main priority was finding something comfortable, affordable and it wouldn't hurt if it was also easy on the eyes LOL. There aren't too many shoe stores with a lot of variety in my neck of the woods and I really didn't feel like going on an adventure, so I ended up @ DSW.

I'm not a big fan of the store. I think they're over priced and the selection is never really that great, however I have lucked up a few times and found a few hidden treasures. (this was NOT one of those times)

I stumbled across these babies...

The Osh Flats By Mudd

At first glance, all I could think was very casual and simple, maybe not the cutest flats but I loved the ruffles!!! I initially wanted them in black but they were out of my size. I tried them on and even walked around the store in them and they seemed very comfortable. But little did I know it was just a ploy to cover up their dirty little secret *evil laugh* Well, ok maybe it wasn't exactly a ploy, but why do things always look and feel so good when you're in the store?

I wore these for the first & ONLY time on Monday and they felt pretty good, well until I actually got out of my car. As soon as I walked into my building, I knew right then that it was going to be a trying day...They were EXTREMELY uncomfortable! At first I figured well maybe like most new shoes they needed to be broken in, so I tried to walk around the office in them for a minute. BIG MISTAKE!!! The more I moved the worse the pain got, THROBBING pain.  It felt like I was walking on ROCKS! These shoes rubbed the back of my ankle and the bone on the side of my foot and left me with bruises by the end of the day. At one point I actually kicked them off, that's the only time I was able to get relief. After I got off work I looked online @ these shoes and read the reviews. And not to my surprise there were several people who experienced the exact same problems with them.

I will definitely be taking these back this weekend and honestly I don't think I'll EVER buy another Mudd brand product. I think it's crazy how one shoe can make me hate an entire BRAND lol, but to me first impressions say a lot and these were screaming DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!! These were flats for God's sake, flats should NEVER be uncomfortable, seriously that should be like Rule #3 in the shoe buying handbook LOL. Hopefully I can prevent another girl from making the same mistakes...

What did I learn from this?
  1.  I think I HATE the Mudd brand
  2.  ALWAYS go online prior to purchasing and read the product REVIEWS
  3.  ALWAYS bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes when you wear a pair of new ones for the first time.
  4. OUCH!!!!

Have you ever purchased a product that felt or looked awesome in the store, but ended up the total opposite when you got it home? What are some of your bad product experiences?

Tell me about it!


  1. Great post. This has happened to me last winter with a pair of Timberland ankle wedge boots that I purchased from Dillard's. This boot fit so tight that it made my whole left foot go numb literally! My feet are narrow and I've never had this problem with any other shoe. Maybe IO should have done some research on it before buying it and like you said read those reviews because they are very helpful.

  2. Hi Nida! Yes its definitely a learning experience, I'll definitely read the reviews next time and WOW @ the boots making your foot go numb that's horrible!

  3. I always have this problem. Shoes feel comfortable until I get out the store that first day I feel like I could die!!!

    Also I despise Mudd as well, they definitely do not offer the most comfortable retail items. If you want a great flat my favorite place is Bandolino but go during a sale, but they have great flats and also always comfortable.

  4. Hi, I'm here from the nail polish blog Fifty-Two Flavors.

    I have a pair of Mudd pumps (2-2.5 inch spool heels) that look like your flats but with a little strap across the instep. I also bought them from a DSW.

    I LOVE them. They are so comfortable while being cute and feminine-looking. I can walk quite comfortably in them. I don't think it's the brand itself. But those could have been "reject" shoes or shoes that wouldn't have passed factory inspection if they'd been caught.

    I know how you feel though. I loved the look of Steve Madden shoes in the 90s, but they damn near ate my feet alive.


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