21 October 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession: The Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System

The new makeup toy I’m craving for right now is Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System. It’s all that is right in the world of makeup. It is the one machine that will give you that flawless professional look in easy steps in your own house. Temptu uses an airbrush technique that gives a precise application to the face. With TEMPTU you can achieve sheer, medium, or full coverage through adjustable air pressure dial. This lightweight equipment is mess and mistake proof! Included is an airbrush cradle, air-hose and AC adapter.  This product could be a girls dream….. Currently, the product is priced at $225 and is only used with TEMPTU Air Pod makeup $55, which currently doesn’t have a great selection of skin tones, although it ranges from porcelain to Espresso. 

Buy It Here 

Check out the product in action below:


  1. I hope they come out with more variety in colors, because I would definitely buy this!

  2. I saw this in a magazine and another version on HSN last week. I'm putting it on my christmas list!

  3. Yea I think some new colors should come soon they had a good starting run so hopefully more. I also think next year we will see more of these airbrush tools for ethnic skin


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