05 October 2009

Why She Glows Spotlight: Gabrielle Union

It really wasn't hard trying to figure out who I wanted to feature this month for our Glow Spotlight. When I think of effortless, natural and subtle beauty; the first person that comes to mind is actress Gabrielle Union. Not only is she talented but she has a spark about her that's simply undeniable. We all notice things about a person but I think her most memorable feature has to be her skin. She has one of the most gorgeous and radiant complexions I've ever seen. Her skin is the epitome of perfection and every girls envy (well, at least mine).

One of the things I love the most about her is how she manages to look stunning all while keeping it simple! Although, some may call her a Plain Jane when it comes to beauty and style, I think those are her strongest attributes.

Her thoughts on being a style role model:

I would say less is more. You know, I never dog people for going through their phases because it makes them the people they are today. I went through a low self-esteem phase, wanting to look like the girls in the (music) videos...But it wasn't until I became comfortable in my own skin that other people started responding favorably to me. It's not always about who is the best looking or who has the most money. More often than not, it's about who is most confident, and that comes with self-esteem. (source)

Let's face it, the girl's got it! With skin as flawless as Gabby's she doesn't really NEED makeup! But when she does wear it, its always blended to perfection. Not to mention she's also the spokesmodel for one of my favorite skincare products. The Visibly Even collection by Neutrogena, which is formulated specifically for women of color. Not only does she promote healthy skin but also healthy hair as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Check out some of Gabby's recommended products:

Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer


This moisturizer is also one of my personal favorites. It promotes even toned skin, minimizes the appearance of dark spots, reduces blotchiness and naturally brightens the skin.


These wax sticks make it easy to tame unruly hair. You can use it on your edges when wrapping or styling your tresses. This particular brand comes from Indonesia and is made of all natural ingredients.

Kimble Peppermint Cream Shampoo


Formulated with refreshing peppermint to soothe the scalp and leaves hair feeling soft & full of body without stripping it from its natural oils.


A creamy, moisture rich formula that promotes deep conditioning without weighing down the hair

Get Gabby's Red Carpet Look For Less:

[Gabrielle Union @ the premiere of "Good Hair" by Chris Rock in theaters right now!]

We'll be featuring a celebrity or one of our readers each month in our "Why She Glows" spotlight. If you're interested in being featured please contact me odara@gimmethatglow.com


  1. I think im going to try out those hair products. This Kimble sounds like a winner.

  2. Me Too!!! Especially the Peppermint Shampoo!


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