30 November 2009

Magnum P.I. Martini: Oyin Handmade Investigation

Case #
Addictive Scents
Report #
007 - Addictive Prod.
2103 N. Charles St
11/28/2009 12:46:00 PM
Report Date
12/01/2009 6:19:53 PM
Reported By
Officer Martini

Report Narrative

Officer Martini crept like a stealthy cat. Unbeknownst to the shop owners Jamyla, HoneyBaby and Pierre I decided to drop in and "check them out." Word on the street was that they had "natural handmade products" that were so good...they instantly made their customers addicted. After researching them online and deciding what products I was going to purchase I made my move. The shop- a clean vanilla box, quaint and bohemian chic I couldn't help but to be impressed with their "front." No sooner than I walked in the door, their trusty sales associate pounced on me like a ninja. His smile and offer to assist me almost made me blow my cover. I carefully tried out their testers. One by one the scents were heavenly. The products felt good and healthy. The packaging effective and sleek. Then HoneyBaby was probably on to me. Holding a small jar of Shine & Define, he squealed loudly and smiled that cute baby smile. I knew I didn't have that much time before he would figure me out. Then Jamyla smiled and complimented me on my hair and asked if I were natural. Quickly I replied :YES

She asked what method I used to style my hair...I began to panic..maybe HoneyBaby tipped her off...maybe she sensed something was up...I told her my method...she said it looked nice. I smiled and placed my "products" on the counter. Yeah, I couldn't help myself...I purchased two products. The Shine & Define (delectably citrus and coconut scented. Light and airy) and the Juices & Berries (island breezes wafted from its bottle I wanted to sail away). The associate rang up my items...I began to look around for a quick escape...then....then....a 10% discount...a sample shampoo bar. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?! Oh, they are smarts ones....placing my items in a nondescript brown kraft bag- we said our good days and good byes....but I know I'll be back. I got home and used the Juices & Berries and haven't stopped yet. I must warn you: THEIR PRODUCTS ARE WORTH BECOMING INSANELY ADDICTED. I have over the weekend just opened the containers just to smell them. The cunning couple have their operations online along with funny Youtube vids. Indulge yourself. Tell em Officer Martini sent you.


Offense #1
Offense Description
Addictive Scent and Product

Victim #1
Officer Martini
F / B / ??
Worldwide, USA 00000


25 November 2009

Tini's Thairsday: Be Hair Healthy!

OMG! I'm so excited to join the GTG girls! Special thankies to Odara! I'll be dishing on hair products every Thursday (except this is Wednesday and wanted to get this out before the holiday weekend...lol). I've been through hell and high water with my hair and I'm sure most of you have too. This year by accident, I decided to go natural! My last relaxer was back in March and I did the big chop a couple of days ago. Since I "accidently" went natural, I did what's called Transitioning. When you transition, you allow your hair to grow out along with your relaxed hair. Many women do this because they want some length to their hair when they finally cut off all the relaxed hair. While Transitioning, I made sure I cut the relaxed parts of my hair (bout an inch at a time) once or twice a month. I also made sure to wear my hair in stress free styles because breakage often happens while going through this process. I also made sure I conditioned my hair religiously.

One important thing I noticed that a lot of sites dedicated to hair fail to discuss is the importance of healthy hair FIRST- whether it be natural or relaxed. While many can offer you product recommendations for external use for your hair you have to remember healthy hair comes from inside. That means eating healthy as possible...(we all have habits...lol) drinking plenty of water and taking good quality supplements. While I can't tell you want to eat, I can recommend some great supplements to take to help you grow healthy hair.

First up is Biotin. Biotin is a B-Complex vitamin. It's found in hair and nail supplements. You may also take it as a sole supplement. It helps strengthen hair and nails. I'm currently taking Biotin 5,000 mcg as a sole supplement. Prior to that, I found a brand that had it in 7,500 mcg! I couldn't find it again so I got the next highest dose. I have found a marked difference in the strength of my hair and especially my nails. I don't have a preference for a particular brand but this is what I'm currently using.

However, one of the BEST and I mean THE BEST hair supplements I've taken is Andrew Lessman's Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails. I swear HSN is the devil but they did right by selling this man's products. My mom has damn near everything this man sells....lol. After seeing his presentation on HSN, I decided to give his supplement a try a couple of years ago. Sweet baby yeezus in a lowrider! This stuff had hair growing in places I didn't think could grow! Check out the supplement facts here. They come in clear capsules and are finely ground into a fine powder. Best of all it doesn't contain any preservatives or additives. I was NOT disappointed taking this stuff. Now you may ask why I stopped taking it. Well the hair growth on my head was fabulous but the hair growth on my body was ridiculous....lol. I stopped taking it for a while to rid my arms and legs of "where the wild things" are look. Then the product was so popular they could hardly keep it in stock. But it looks like it's readily available now. So I will definitely be copping some! If you want to give this a shot I'd suggest getting the 50 capsule bottle for $16 to start or if you're more adventurous get the 100 capsule bottle. That's almost two/four months to try it out and see how it works. I don't expect it to work on everyone but with the results I had- I just HAD to recommend it.

Another great supplement to take is Silica. Not to be confused with Silicone. Silica is a form of Silicone. It's found naturally in quartz. Your complexion and shiny hair all depend upon silica, apart from its other properties help your skin and hair to retain moisture and keep looking young. It also strengthens your hair, makes it less likely to become brittle, get split ends and that dull look. A good source of Silica is also found in Horsetail Herb Extract.

Three of the most important things are:
1. Make changes to your diet for optimal results and coupled with that drink plenty of water. We often become too dependent on supplements and quick fixes to cure all and to make miracles happen. You also have to do your part to help the supplements work. Start eating more fresh vegetables and fruit by incorporating them slowly into your diet daily. If water is too plain for you drink flavored seltzer water! It tastes just like soda minus all the sugar and crap in them. Or use flavor packets that use sweetners like Stevia or Equal. You expect to eat fast food 4 out of the 5 days a week, take these supplements and poof! you have miracle hair? LOL It doesn't work that way. If you put garbage into your body your results will likely be the same.

2. Be patient. If you just started a new supplement don't expect in 4 hours for your hair to start showing results. For some people they start taking supplements and start seeing results in as early as a couple of days to just a week or two. A lot of that has to do with genetic predisposition, environmental factors and just plain ole diet. Commit to a supplement for a couple of months and incorporate #1 if you haven't already. Maybe the miligrams aren't enough for you, maybe try a different brand. But at least try it for longer than two weeks before you deem it useless. Make sure you are CONSISTENTLY taking it as directed by package instructions. You can't complain that it doesn't work if you only took it once this week and picked up again three weeks later. DO NOT take more than the recommended dosage daily to try and speed up the process!!! Excess mineral intake is not only dangerous but can cause adverse health issues and in some cases death.

3. Being hair healthy means being emotionally hair healthy. Stop looking at the texture of someone else's hair and think you can achieve the same results. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL! Your hair was meant to be different. Embrace it, love it and pamper it! Your hair is an extension of you. If you aren't physically and emotionally healthy neither will your hair.

I'd like to know what you're using and what works for you! Drop me an email! martini@gimmethatglow.com and be sure to check back for more!


20 November 2009

Glow In The City: Shecky's Girl's Night Out

I'm not the typical social butterfly, but I do have my moments from time to time. Earlier this month I attended a Shecky's Girl's Night Out Event @ the Biltmore here in Atlanta. For those of you who aren't familiar with Shecky's they're basically a traveling boutique, they tour different cities each year and are accompanied by several different vendors.

I'd been trying to attend one of these events for the longest but something would always come up! Thankfully, I got the chance to experience just what everyone had been raving about. A night of shopping, socializing, free drinks and the best part; Shecky's infamous "Goodie Bag". Prior to this event the majority of my anticipation came from wondering what EXACTLY would be in this mysterious goodie bag which was supposedly worth over $125.

and I knoooooow you're probably wondering the same thing so let me just show you!

So, I can't even sugarcoat it! My initial reaction was "wow those bags sure look small" LOL!

But just as promised they WERE packed to the brim...You can click on the picture above for a more detailed view. The contents included a bunch of different samples; books, chocolates, lipsticks, lotion, hair products, a nailene nails set, lots & LOTS of feminne products lol and a few other things.

I didn't shop till' I dropped but I did buy a couple of things...

Bag by Natty Girl


(umm this actually appeared to be dark brown but AFTER I got it home I discovered it only appeared that way due to the dim lighting, its still a nice bag though *shrugs*.

Earrings by Natty Girl


(I fell in love with these cuties @ first glance)

You can check out more from Natty Girl via their Facebook Page HERE

Lets sum up the event shall we?

The Place:
Honestly it was a way larger turn out than I anticipated and while the venue was lovely, I think they could've definitely chosen a larger place. The shopping area was way over crowded, there were literally shoulder to shoulder people snuggled around each display booth, which definitely led me away from taking a peak at every vendor in the building. I just wanted my personal space & to get in & out of there as effciently as possible (not to mention it was HOTTT) I'm sure each event differs depending on the location. But I'd suggest you get there early if you want a chance to see everything w/o hassle of a crowd.

The Price:
While general admission itself is FREE unfortunately the goodie bag is not. The bags are priced @ $25 for advanced tickets and $35 @ the door. Lucky for me, one of the perks of being a Sheckys "insider" (just signing up for the mailing list) I was able to get $10 off the price, they sent out a text to my cell phone, which included a discount code. YAY! So I only ended up spending $15! Now as far as the bags being worth over $125 as they claimed...my verdict??? yeah, um HARDLY! In my opinion $25 was about the extent of its net worth.

The Festivities:
Well, there wasn't much of, or much I actually got to see. The best part of the night were the DRINKS! They were delicious and did I mention FREE?? They were plentiful & very tasty. I think they could've done a tad bit more as far as entertainment, a live band; wait is that too much to ask LOL? Ok well maybe not a band but a little music would've been nice, a contest or two maybe? Food samples?? Maybe its just me but it wasn't as exciting as I expected.

The Shopping:
Honestly, mostly everything was overpriced. Although I didn't notice anything for over $100; the majority was peaking just AT $100. I saw bags for $98, clothes ranging from $40-85 etc. A few familiar designers I noticed were Melie Bianco & Rampage. The Rampage bags I saw were priced @ $90 which I considered outrageous b/c you can get that stuff online for less than half of that. Most things were from various boutiques with "boutique prices" I'm sorry but the things I saw were hardly worth the asking prices, a lot of it looked really cheap *shrugs*

The Final Verdict:
Umm, it was just Okay...It was a cute event for a first timer. Would I attend it again? Ummm No, I'll pass...Would I recommend it??? Sure go out and get a feel of it for yourself, hey you may enjoy it WAY more than I did LOL!!! I'm still loving my goodie bag, the few items I purchased and the drinks were memorable!

***Check out some of these hilarious reviews from the Sheckys event in Chicago, absolute comedy but sadly I can relate LOL >> HERE


18 November 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession: Fab Clutches

A girl can never have too many clutches right? They're the perfect compliment to any outfit, whether you want to keep it simple or spice things up. It's a must have accessory! This weeks obsession is the Glitter Zip Clutch by Amici Accessories. I spotted this baby in this month's issue of Lucky Magazine and have been in love with it ever since.


I absolutely love it in pink it has such a "hardcore glam" look to it. Unfortunately it is not yet available for purchase :-( But, no worries they have an email option that notifies you when it's back in stock. It also comes in black.

Check out a few other fab picks from Amici Accessories:



Pewter Envelope Clutch With Studs



Here are a couple clutches from my personal stash!


17 November 2009

User Submitted Question: Bad Ingredients

Which ingredients do you recommend people stay away from?( i.e. causes excessive dryness, harmful to skin, etc) -Anonymous

A few ingredients you should definitely stay away from or at least think carefully about putting onto your body are mineral oils, alcohols, Pthalates, and Sodium laureth sulphate.

Mineral Oils clog up your pores with excessive oils and toxins, which make it hard for the skin to get rid of it. Mineral oils tend to increase your chances of oily and acne prone skin.

Alcohols you will find in a considerable amount of products and can leave your skin irritated and dry. The alcohol actually reduces the natural oils we all have in our skin, with extensive use of products with high levels can in some cases cause aging to the skin. Some of the alcohol products to pay close attention to are isopropyl, benzyl, and ethanol.

Phthalates is another ingredient you may find in some skin care products to help the product be more pourable. Phthalates/Parabens can build up in your body and cause problems in many aspects specifically cancer.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate/ SLS is another foaming agent that can cause skin irritations.

  • Try to get products with shorter expirations.
  • Look for natural/organic facial cleansers. A question I saw recently that a expert said you should ask yourself when reading some of these ingredients…. “Can you eat those ingredients?” In many cases that’s a great determinant to know if that’s a product to put on your face.
  • In the case of facial products, cheap is not always the route to go. (and Im extremely cheap)

If you have any questions for me to tackle Email me at shercole@gimmethatglow.com


16 November 2009

Makeup Mondays: Something Different

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a FAB weekend :o) Mine was so not exciting! I ended up spending most of my Saturday getting my car serviced :-( which left me with a bill for over $400 *ouch* But, in other exciting news by Birthday is Wednesday! Yay! I'll be 26, no big plans but I wanted to do something a little different for my special day!

This weeks look is very vibrant, I wanted to capture something sexy yet playful at the same time. Which is why I chose these colors, they all compliment one another so nicely and the highly pigmented hues really pop against my skin.

All shadow colors used to create this look are from my Coastal Scents palette. I really wish each eyeshadow had a name included so I could share the exact colors I used but hopefully the swatches give you a good feel.

I lined my eyes with a free liner I got from Mary Kay in "Steely" Silver Metallic

This go round I broke in my beginner brush set that I bought from Walmart $9.99

I'm so amazed @ how much easier it is to apply makeup when using the correct applicators (I use to only use my fingers and q-tips) LOL!

Please forgive the scruffy brows, I'm letting them grow out!

I also reused my starter lashes. This look is very dramatic but with the right ensemble it has so much potential!

The lip gloss is from Lancome's Juicy Tubes line in "Plum Soufflé" 

One of the things that I tried to emphasize was adding color to the area above my lids and right beneath my brows. My sister brought it to my attention that i always seem to skip those parts and that it looks naked LOL!  

I definitely needed a new look in the hair department so I got bangs cut this weekend

So what do you think? Tips? Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know! 


13 November 2009

Are Having Longer Lashes That Essential???

I've been seeing a lot of different options lately when it comes to eyelashes and lets face it, we've probably all tried at least one lash alternative in one form or another. Whether it's eyelash extensions or a branded mascara; obtaining fuller, longer and more defining lashes are something almost every girl wants to accomplish.

After uploading my beginners eyelash tutorial I came across a video, that introduced something very new to me, Eyelash Growth Products. Before seeing this I've actually never heard of anything like this or even remotely similar, so needless to say I was extremely intrigued.

Check it out for yourself...

Her lashes are are insanely long!!! Almost even a little scary? LOL She doesn't even NEED mascara but I've seen other great  tutorials from her showcasing different mascara products. She actually buys the lash growth serum she uses in the video from an Ebay supplier. I'm not exactly sure if I'll EVER be up to trying such a product but I have discovered that there are other lash growth alternatives out there vs suppliers who aren't always easy to contact on Ebay.

In fact, Latisse offers a product endorced by Brooke Shields that promises results very similar to theirs. But get this, its actually FDA approved unlike the other products. That's good to hear since one of my major concerns was safety & possible sideaffects.You can learn more about their product here and see a few before & after pics here.

So what are your thoughts?

Is a product like this too extreme?

Would you try it?

Let us know!

And check out a few over the top celebrity lashes we've spotted...


Foxy Brown

Lady Gaga

Led Lashes by Soomi Park (these actually light up & are motioned sensored) Yikes!!! 


12 November 2009

Know Your Ingredients: Facial Cleansers

We all need a good facial cleanser, something that will help remove all the dirt, eliminate bacteria and toxins, and more. The trick to getting all these great things that come from face cleansers is finding the right product and knowing whats in it. So many times all these products are full of things you never heard of or things that can be bad for you. Gimme That Glow has decided to start a new series to help you understand the product ingredients and find the best ones for you. We wanted to start this series with facial cleansers because its probably one of the most important products we all use on our face.

In most facial cleansers you will find a mixture of some type of these particular ingredients: Water. Moisturizers help maintain and hydrate the skin.(Example Gylcerin,Dimethicone) Surfactants, which are surface acting agents which blend water components that actually lift away oil.(Example Polysorbate) Fragrance which is usually used to hide the smell of the other ingredients such as surfactants. Lathering Agents is used to make cleanser foam.(Example: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)Thickners helps to thicken cleansers and help stablize all the ingredients. (Example Stearic Acid) Preservative help to prevent growth of microorganisms. (Example Potassium Sorbate) Dyes/Pigments help give cleansers a certain color (Example D&C Red #33)

A good facial cleanser will consist of some great natural elements that will work to keep that face great such as olive fruit, seed oils, barley extra, aloe vera, caffeine, Citric Acid, Malic Acid (Apples), and Tartaric Acid (Grapes).


09 November 2009

***Important Giveaway Update (And The Winner Is...)***

Soooooo about that giveaway....Since the growing anticipation & excitement finally got to all of us here @ Gimme That Glow, we mutually concluded that our 2 week giveaway time frame was WAYYYYY too long! So we decided to end it early. TODAY!!! For those of you who follow us via twitter we tweeted a final announcement somewhere around 5:30pm (est)  and shortly afterwards a winner was randomly selected amongst all of those who entered & followed the contest rules!!!



(drum roll please...)


( dun dun dun dun dun)




Congratulations to SPProductions for winning our Fall Giveaway!!! As the official winner you'll receive a Free 88 piece Makeup Palette by Coastal Scents. (We will contact you via email for further details.)

A HUGE THANK YOU to all 15 ladies who entered & participated in our very first giveaway!!! We truly appreciate your involvement in making it a success  So keep coming back & stay tuned! More contests & giveaways are on the way REALLY soon! 

~Keep Glowing,


Makeup Mondays: Purple Haze

I hope everyone's having a Marvelous Monday so far! As promised I'm trying to stay consistent with trying a new makeup look every week. And since I finally purchased my cute little Coastal Scents Palette, it makes it that much easier to explore & play around.

Once again I'm a beginner when it comes to venturing outside of my normal everyday look, lol I tried! So if you have tips or critiques please share them!

I call this look "Purple Haze", I wanted to create somewhat of a smokey look but once I got the brush in my hand it took a mind of its own! LOL!

Here's how I got the look:

1. I started off by lining the inside & top lid of my eyes with a black eye pencil by Fashion Fair.

2. I used 4 different colors from my palette. Then I lined the exterior underneath my bottom lashes & my inner eye with a shimmery ice blue color.

3.  Next I chose a medium purple and brushed it against both eyelids, covering the surface.

4. Then I blended the top lids & corners with a royal purple/blue shadow.

5. The final shadow I used was a shimmery black and applied it in the outside corners of my eyes.

6. Lastly I coated my eyelashes with a black mascara by Avon.

Kinda funky for a night out on the town hunh?


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