13 November 2009

Are Having Longer Lashes That Essential???

I've been seeing a lot of different options lately when it comes to eyelashes and lets face it, we've probably all tried at least one lash alternative in one form or another. Whether it's eyelash extensions or a branded mascara; obtaining fuller, longer and more defining lashes are something almost every girl wants to accomplish.

After uploading my beginners eyelash tutorial I came across a video, that introduced something very new to me, Eyelash Growth Products. Before seeing this I've actually never heard of anything like this or even remotely similar, so needless to say I was extremely intrigued.

Check it out for yourself...

Her lashes are are insanely long!!! Almost even a little scary? LOL She doesn't even NEED mascara but I've seen other great  tutorials from her showcasing different mascara products. She actually buys the lash growth serum she uses in the video from an Ebay supplier. I'm not exactly sure if I'll EVER be up to trying such a product but I have discovered that there are other lash growth alternatives out there vs suppliers who aren't always easy to contact on Ebay.

In fact, Latisse offers a product endorced by Brooke Shields that promises results very similar to theirs. But get this, its actually FDA approved unlike the other products. That's good to hear since one of my major concerns was safety & possible sideaffects.You can learn more about their product here and see a few before & after pics here.

So what are your thoughts?

Is a product like this too extreme?

Would you try it?

Let us know!

And check out a few over the top celebrity lashes we've spotted...


Foxy Brown

Lady Gaga

Led Lashes by Soomi Park (these actually light up & are motioned sensored) Yikes!!! 


  1. Hmmm... I don't know, I think I still prefer to go the old-school route, by adding some falsies when I need some drama. I just can't get passed some of the side effects that these products list.

  2. I agree Erika, you know I didn't even look at the side affects? But I know thats something I'd be heavily concerned about. I personally don't have any intentions on trying this either, basically it's nothing a little mascara or extensions can't fix!

  3. That stuff is scary. Ive seen people's skin after they use it and its like permanently darkened. It looks almost like they are wearing eyeliner, but they arent. Im with Erika, falsies are the way to go.


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