20 November 2009

Glow In The City: Shecky's Girl's Night Out

I'm not the typical social butterfly, but I do have my moments from time to time. Earlier this month I attended a Shecky's Girl's Night Out Event @ the Biltmore here in Atlanta. For those of you who aren't familiar with Shecky's they're basically a traveling boutique, they tour different cities each year and are accompanied by several different vendors.

I'd been trying to attend one of these events for the longest but something would always come up! Thankfully, I got the chance to experience just what everyone had been raving about. A night of shopping, socializing, free drinks and the best part; Shecky's infamous "Goodie Bag". Prior to this event the majority of my anticipation came from wondering what EXACTLY would be in this mysterious goodie bag which was supposedly worth over $125.

and I knoooooow you're probably wondering the same thing so let me just show you!

So, I can't even sugarcoat it! My initial reaction was "wow those bags sure look small" LOL!

But just as promised they WERE packed to the brim...You can click on the picture above for a more detailed view. The contents included a bunch of different samples; books, chocolates, lipsticks, lotion, hair products, a nailene nails set, lots & LOTS of feminne products lol and a few other things.

I didn't shop till' I dropped but I did buy a couple of things...

Bag by Natty Girl


(umm this actually appeared to be dark brown but AFTER I got it home I discovered it only appeared that way due to the dim lighting, its still a nice bag though *shrugs*.

Earrings by Natty Girl


(I fell in love with these cuties @ first glance)

You can check out more from Natty Girl via their Facebook Page HERE

Lets sum up the event shall we?

The Place:
Honestly it was a way larger turn out than I anticipated and while the venue was lovely, I think they could've definitely chosen a larger place. The shopping area was way over crowded, there were literally shoulder to shoulder people snuggled around each display booth, which definitely led me away from taking a peak at every vendor in the building. I just wanted my personal space & to get in & out of there as effciently as possible (not to mention it was HOTTT) I'm sure each event differs depending on the location. But I'd suggest you get there early if you want a chance to see everything w/o hassle of a crowd.

The Price:
While general admission itself is FREE unfortunately the goodie bag is not. The bags are priced @ $25 for advanced tickets and $35 @ the door. Lucky for me, one of the perks of being a Sheckys "insider" (just signing up for the mailing list) I was able to get $10 off the price, they sent out a text to my cell phone, which included a discount code. YAY! So I only ended up spending $15! Now as far as the bags being worth over $125 as they claimed...my verdict??? yeah, um HARDLY! In my opinion $25 was about the extent of its net worth.

The Festivities:
Well, there wasn't much of, or much I actually got to see. The best part of the night were the DRINKS! They were delicious and did I mention FREE?? They were plentiful & very tasty. I think they could've done a tad bit more as far as entertainment, a live band; wait is that too much to ask LOL? Ok well maybe not a band but a little music would've been nice, a contest or two maybe? Food samples?? Maybe its just me but it wasn't as exciting as I expected.

The Shopping:
Honestly, mostly everything was overpriced. Although I didn't notice anything for over $100; the majority was peaking just AT $100. I saw bags for $98, clothes ranging from $40-85 etc. A few familiar designers I noticed were Melie Bianco & Rampage. The Rampage bags I saw were priced @ $90 which I considered outrageous b/c you can get that stuff online for less than half of that. Most things were from various boutiques with "boutique prices" I'm sorry but the things I saw were hardly worth the asking prices, a lot of it looked really cheap *shrugs*

The Final Verdict:
Umm, it was just Okay...It was a cute event for a first timer. Would I attend it again? Ummm No, I'll pass...Would I recommend it??? Sure go out and get a feel of it for yourself, hey you may enjoy it WAY more than I did LOL!!! I'm still loving my goodie bag, the few items I purchased and the drinks were memorable!

***Check out some of these hilarious reviews from the Sheckys event in Chicago, absolute comedy but sadly I can relate LOL >> HERE


  1. I think the purse is cute, even if it's not quite the colour you were hoping for.. and those earrings are fantastic! :]

  2. Hi Nepenthe! I agree the earrings are Fab! They had lots of nice jewelry to choose from!

  3. The bag is great, and the earrings are nice as well, you did a good job picking out great items...LOL!!!

  4. Thanks Mytoria!!!!!!!! And thanks for dropping through girly :o)


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