16 November 2009

Makeup Mondays: Something Different

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a FAB weekend :o) Mine was so not exciting! I ended up spending most of my Saturday getting my car serviced :-( which left me with a bill for over $400 *ouch* But, in other exciting news by Birthday is Wednesday! Yay! I'll be 26, no big plans but I wanted to do something a little different for my special day!

This weeks look is very vibrant, I wanted to capture something sexy yet playful at the same time. Which is why I chose these colors, they all compliment one another so nicely and the highly pigmented hues really pop against my skin.

All shadow colors used to create this look are from my Coastal Scents palette. I really wish each eyeshadow had a name included so I could share the exact colors I used but hopefully the swatches give you a good feel.

I lined my eyes with a free liner I got from Mary Kay in "Steely" Silver Metallic

This go round I broke in my beginner brush set that I bought from Walmart $9.99

I'm so amazed @ how much easier it is to apply makeup when using the correct applicators (I use to only use my fingers and q-tips) LOL!

Please forgive the scruffy brows, I'm letting them grow out!

I also reused my starter lashes. This look is very dramatic but with the right ensemble it has so much potential!

The lip gloss is from Lancome's Juicy Tubes line in "Plum Soufflé" 

One of the things that I tried to emphasize was adding color to the area above my lids and right beneath my brows. My sister brought it to my attention that i always seem to skip those parts and that it looks naked LOL!  

I definitely needed a new look in the hair department so I got bangs cut this weekend

So what do you think? Tips? Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know! 


  1. Love the use of bright colors and the combination, but might I suggest blending just a tiny bit more. Youd be surprised the difference it makes.

  2. Hey Kymie!!! Thanks for the suggestion! I'm a newbie to blending I'll definitely try to work that in next go round!

  3. Hey there, happy early birthday! I like this look as well! It's funny because I too usually leave my undereye area and above my crease (so that space between the crease and brow bone) rather "blank". If you struggle with having it look like you have on no makeup, you can use a eyeshadow that is really close to your skin color. It softens then look and makes it look less stark. And of course dont forget your highlight!

    Hope this helps if you actually prefer leaving that part blank. (ps. target has excellent brushes as well. My first ones where the kind near the nailpolish displays..2.49 I think it was. Man it made a hell of a difference!!!

  4. Hey Jaded! Thanks for the b-day wishes & awesome tips! its so funny how I never noticed how blank the creases looked until it was brought to my attention LOL.. And $2.49 for the brushes?? Wow what a deal *makes mental note to swing by Target* lol

  5. I love the colours you were using, and congrats on finding out the joy of brushes. LOL

    The only other thing I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is to try mixing up the texture of your shadows. I love shadows with a bit of frost, but after some suggestions I found that throwing some satin or matte shadows into the mix was nice too.

    Happy belated birthday, I hope it was great. :]


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