17 November 2009

User Submitted Question: Bad Ingredients

Which ingredients do you recommend people stay away from?( i.e. causes excessive dryness, harmful to skin, etc) -Anonymous

A few ingredients you should definitely stay away from or at least think carefully about putting onto your body are mineral oils, alcohols, Pthalates, and Sodium laureth sulphate.

Mineral Oils clog up your pores with excessive oils and toxins, which make it hard for the skin to get rid of it. Mineral oils tend to increase your chances of oily and acne prone skin.

Alcohols you will find in a considerable amount of products and can leave your skin irritated and dry. The alcohol actually reduces the natural oils we all have in our skin, with extensive use of products with high levels can in some cases cause aging to the skin. Some of the alcohol products to pay close attention to are isopropyl, benzyl, and ethanol.

Phthalates is another ingredient you may find in some skin care products to help the product be more pourable. Phthalates/Parabens can build up in your body and cause problems in many aspects specifically cancer.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate/ SLS is another foaming agent that can cause skin irritations.

  • Try to get products with shorter expirations.
  • Look for natural/organic facial cleansers. A question I saw recently that a expert said you should ask yourself when reading some of these ingredients…. “Can you eat those ingredients?” In many cases that’s a great determinant to know if that’s a product to put on your face.
  • In the case of facial products, cheap is not always the route to go. (and Im extremely cheap)

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  1. Good Post Girlie!

    I've always been skeptical of using any type of oil based products on my face b/c my skin is SUPER oily. And its kinda hard finding a moisturizer that won't contribute to that.

    As far as alcohols, lol GUILTY of that too. I have the tendency to want to achieve that squeaky clean feel so I always use alcohol based astringents.

    Great Tips, can't wait to here more.

  2. You can always use With Hazel as an alternative to alcohol based products. However, depending on your skin type use sparingly because it can dry your skin. If that's the case use a good moisturizer.

  3. This is an excellent article.

    Though when people bring up mineral oil, it's always interesting. It doesn't work for everyone, but it gets a terrible rep. I think the way you addressed it was quite neutral, as opposed to an absolute. It doesn't work for me, but I'm definitely envious of the people that have used baby oil as a moisturizer with no problems what so ever. Wish my routine was that easy, LOL.

    Great work. :]

  4. Thanks Folk.

    Yes Tini, Witch Hazel a good alternative long as you not over using it depend on your skin type.

    Yea Nepenthe Mineral Oil is a tricky thing, everything is so touchy depending on skin type.

    I personally think with whatever anyone uses. I always say use it in moderation because our skin has a tendency to change.


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