10 December 2009

D.I.Y. Flower Child Head Band

If you haven't noticed people, I'm a hippie and love headbands lol. I truly love them and apparently I'm not the only one who does! (who would have thought). I found a pretty simple D.I.Y. Headband project based on Diane Von Furstenberg's 2009 Spring Collection that I wanted to share with you folks.

Headband Background
Headbands have definitely been around for a long time, since around 1950s. Through the times, its changed from decorative to practical over and over. In the 1950s, it was to pull hair back away from the head. In the 60s, it was associated with teased hairstyles. While in the 80's, it accompanied the "aerobic dance" craze phase brought from Olivia Newton John's song "Physical". Now into 2009, its all about a fashion statement mixed with a little practical, but definitely not a look for everyone.

Do It Yourself
For those who want to play around with creating their own headband with your favorite colors and patterns, I included a video to help you get started. Always remember you don't have to follow these directions all the way. Think about how you can make it your own and add a little different touch.

What You Need

  • Ribbons (72 inches)
  • Fabric
  • Flower Templates (Found Here)
  • Thin Headband
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

For more info on Missa & her designs, visit the website:


Here goes a few cool reasonable price headband sites:
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters

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