02 December 2009

Glow Glamour Glare: Kerastase Shampoo

While getting my shopping fix at Targét, I wandered up and down the cosmetics and hair products aisles. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the above. My first question was, what the hell over in this aisle can be THAT expensive?! After seeing it was Kerastase Shampoo by Loréal, my first reaction was:

I KNOW these people lost their minds. I don't care if this shampoo contained 24 carat gold leaf, I hit lotto twice and the IRS stops taxing my paycheck- it would stay right there on the shelf for two reasons:

  1. Why is it so expensive to wash your hair?! Granted Loreal is a reputable company but really $67? I mean in this recession I can purchase a CASE of any other brand for the cost of this ONE bottle. It's a pretty decent size, but what does it do? Does it have micro-scrubbers? Does it offer a scalp massage? I'd be mad as hell if I were to purchase this and run out of product because I'd be in the aisle crying over dishing out ANOTHER $67.
  2. It contains Sulfates Silicones and STUFF. Nuff said.
Targét really needs to know better than to carry some high dollar stuff like this. They are known for their bargains. I would not be surprised if this product does one of two things:
  1. Move to be available in salons only.
  2. Be sold at reduced/clearance price because the product isn't moving off the shelves fast enough.
You know like I know there isn't a coupon in the world that'll make me run out and grab this. And you wanna hear something even funnier? To the left of the shampoo (not captured in the photo) is a hair mask of the same brand that was.....are you sitting down? $85!!!!!!!!!!! This has earned the ULTIMATE:


  1. WTF I'm not even gonna ask if their crazy b/c CLEARLY they've lost their minds. I'm not even tryna pay $60 to get my hair done @ the salon let alone wash it myself for that price!!! INSANE!

    Yeah, they should definitely offer this ish ONLY in salons!

    I bet that shelf STAYS looking stocked b/c @ those prices there's no way their running off the shelf fast!

  2. Waaaaaaaaow. That's.. insanity. I think everyone shops the Red Dot Boutique, but that's heavy for a shampoo.

    Your expression is priceless and oh-so-appropriate!


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