22 December 2009

Hair Accessory Corner

We all know I'm not a stranger to hair accessories. I live for bows, flowers, veils, and whatever else I can come up with to add flavor to my hair. I wanted to share some of my more recent buys.

Heather Headband. (Forever 21)A very cute headband made of iridescent tafetta leaves and silk feathers.  $5.80  I bought one in a nice navy blue color.

Lace Chiffon Flora Bobby Pin. This cute little pin is made of colored chiffon and lace mesh paddles. I got this one in black for $1.50. Its so cute and great add on that you can put wherever you like! (Forever 21)

This is probably one of my favorite headbands because of the veil. I love veils lol.. Not for everyday wear but every blue moon, I find it cute. This was also a purchase at Forever21.
This is one of my favorite yet simple headbands. Nothing fancy about it, but shall add a little color to an outfit or great accessory when you don't feel like dealing with you hair.

This is probably one of my favorite headbands. I love the colors and I love the flower. Its not to small and not to big!

Future Headband Conquer
Deluxe Satin Headband. This great headband is is satin covered with a mesh bow arrangement. Its all kinds of craziness and sexiness and I need this! (Forever 21)

Ladies, don't be afraid to play around with hair accessories. You definitely don't have to go as far as me, but a little added something in your hair can top off any outfit or give you that little extra cute feel. If you are like me and just wear your hair Plain Jane (or as the older ladies like to call it "part to the side"), hair accessories can spice it up a little for you. These days you can go just about anywhere and get a cute little accessory for  the maximum of $10.


  1. these are super cute!!!! *whispers* I actually LIKE the feathered one *gasp*

  2. lol OMG U.... I can't believe it....


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