29 December 2009

High End Natural Hair Care: Leonor Greyl Product Review

As I continue on my journey for great products to help maintain my hair I just continue to come across great products. What intrigued me about Leonor Greyl is the long history the company has in natural haircare-being among the first to market products with all natural ingredients for healthy hair. The company founders were also among the first to incorporate vitamins and high grade natural ingredients in their products. I was thrilled at the opportunity to test and review the brand that many celebrities swear by.

Disclaimer: Leonor Greyl provided me with free samples of this product to review and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

I received Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou, Huile De Palme and Masque A L'Orchidee.  These products are all specific to my hair type- to treat dry and frizzy hair. Now to get the full effect of these products you have to use it as a system. So I used the Huile De Palme first.

Huile De Palme- The oil has a light bergamont scent. In it's natural state it's suppose to be oil but temperatures below 75°  it turns into a solid. All you have to do is use your body heat to melt just enough to distribute through your hair or place the bottle in hot water for a minute or so. The oil is light and I only needed two capfuls to ensure my hair had coverage. I initially used my HairTherapyWrap and then slept with a plastic cap on overnight. This step is called Pre-poo (Pre-Shampoo Treatment). My hair felt softer and smelled incredible! I almost didn't want to wash it out.

Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou- I used a wide tooth comb to comb my hair to prepare to wash it with the shampoo. The shampoo I found needed to be shaken because there were two different hues and that might have been due to the ingredients separating. The shampoo also has a light bergamont scent and is light and creamy in texture. I only used two quarter size amounts and distributed throughout my hair. It seemed to work really well with the Huile De Palme. My hair felt even softer and clean. There was no need to wash it a second time. Nor did my hair feel oily or heavy.

Masque A L'Orchidee- After I used my hair turban to get most of the moisture out my hair, I then used the mask. It has a light peach scent (closest thing it resembles in my opinion). It's thick and spread a nice layer on my hair. Only needing a small scoop of it- it was sufficient enough to cover my entire head of hair. Using my trusty HairTherapyWrap, I conditioned my hair for 30 minutes. I used cool water to rinse to close the hair cuticles and promote shine. My hair was super soft!

Glow-These products are worth the price tag! They have perfected luxe haircare. Most haircare products with high dollar price tag don't have high quality natural ingredients like this brand. Another plus-they aren't skimpy! These containers contain enough to last you! On top of that plus is yet another one- you don't need to use a lot. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing high dollar products like these and they don't last you. They give you your money's worth. That's ALWAYS a plus. The packaging is simple yet sleek. I was given FULL sized products.This company has been around for 40 years. That alone should tell you something.

Glare-The ONLY single glare I have about this line is the shampoo contains Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate. Otherwise it's a great shampoo, which didn't dry my hair out...

Overall Glam-TRY THIS LINE. Treat yourself. I swear on my martini glasses I was a bit skeptical but was floored by the results. I understand as a consumer sometimes the price tags on products tend to make us find less expensive and perhaps equally as good products (sometimes not) but the sheer fact that this line doesn't come in small 1oz containers leaving your pockets empty and only enough product to get MAYBE two uses is MIRACULOUS. I would definitely treat myself to this line and recommend you do the same. It's like a luxurious spa treatment in a bottle!

To learn more about this haircare line visit http://www.leonorgreyl-usa.com/default.aspx

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