14 December 2009

Makeup Mondays: Artistry Essentials

Happy Monday!!! I certainly hope everyone's weekend was FAB!!! OK, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit anxious about showing you guys this weeks look. Mainly because its something refreshingly new for me. And in case you're wondering, that "something" is Mineral Makeup. I've been telling myself for the longest that I'd try it, but with so many variations & options out there it was making it kinda hard to settle on which brand.

That's why I was ecstatic when the crew over at Artistry sent me over a few colors to try out. This weeks look comes from Artistry's "Essentials Colour" Collection.  The makeup kit features warm colors and the foundation is 100% pure mineral makeup.

It's contents included:

*Mineral Foundation
*Color Quad (Eyeshadow Palette)
*Lip Shine

The Essentials Makeup Kits come in Light, Medium & Dark. (Mine was Dark) The kit also included an extremely helpful booklet that provided instructions on how to apply the makeup. Which was a big plus for a newbie like me.

So I started out with the concealer and dotted it lightly in my blemish proned areas (under the eyes & down the jaw line) then I rubbed it in lightly until it was one with my complexion. Next, I tapped a bit of foundation on my forehand and dipped the brush into the color. When I first saw the foundations hue I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical because it seemed a tad bit lighter than my complexion. But once I started applying it, it certainly exceeded my expectations! The color blended so effortlessly into my skin and the best part about it I didn't need to use a whole lot of it. Artistry was definitely winning so far, especially since I like for my makeup to look as natural as possible. It was smooth, light and most importatnly it gave me full coverage.  

Next, I did my eyes using their Essentials Color Quad (Palette) The eyeshadow is mineral-based and enriched with vitamins A & E.

 I covered my top lids with the darkest color then blended in the red. I applied the gold to my under eyes and highlighted just above my brow line with the bronzy color.

 Although the colors weren't as bold as I'm usually accustomed to, they still managed to work for me. Very subtle and natural looking, I was very pleased.

 For the finishing touches I applied a base coat of sparkly lip gloss in "Trinket"

Then I applied a top coat of lip gloss in "Vivacious"

The final look...

(Ummm excuse me for the self pat on the back, but I absolutely LOVE it)

So lets just do a quick review here, shall we???

What It Claims: The product claims to enhance your natural beauty by providing  mistake proof, easy to use makeup with a flawless natural finish.

Likes: The colors blended in beautifully. It matched my complexion perfectly and did exactly what it said it would do!

Dislikes: The mascara wasn't as awesome as I would have liked it to be, it wasn't necessarily bad either I've just had better. I didn't like how curly it made my lashes look. Could've been the way I applied it but that's my only gripe.

Would I Recommend It?: You bet your bottom dollar I would!

Overall: Being a newbie in the world of "foundation" I've gotta say that my experience with Artistry is definitely a memorable one. Finding foundations that compliment dark skin is often not the easiest task but I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of this product. The outcome was amazing! I definitely look forward to wearing this brand quite often LOL!

Artistry was nice enough to provide a couple of products to giveaway! So be sure to STAY TUNED later this week because we'll have a couple of things up for grabs!

Artistry makeup products were provided by PR & Media Relations Representatives. Read our disclosure policy here.


  1. OMG! It turned out great! Mineral cosmetics are sometime a challenge for us brown skinned honeys! Glad to see there is a brand that actually works!

  2. thanks girly! yes I was pleasantly surprised @ the outcome. I'll definitely be BUYING more of this!


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