25 December 2009

Merry Christmas Babbbbbby........

Merry Christmas! 
I hope everyone's holiday is filled with cheer =)

So believe it or not, I'm not THAT festive but I did jazz it up a little bit for the holidays. I decided to get my nails done along with my pedi the other day. After breaking the cycle of NOT wearing polish in years I think its safe to say that I can see a nail obsession forming in my near future lol.

When I picked this color I initially thought it was silver but I fell so much more in love with it once they put it on. It actually comes out as a translucent silver/pink. I've NEVER got designs before on my nails but I just went for it this go round. The funny part is that I thought the nail technician asked if I wanted a "flower"??? But apparently she said a "tree"....it's pretty cute nonetheless. What do you think?

She even added little lights on it LOL...

As for the makeup I racked up on a few sale items from Sephora.

Crushed Velvet Eye kit by DuWop: The original price was $36 I got it on sale for $26. I love the colors in the eyeshadow trio (bright emerald, rosy gold and burgundy) they're perfect for the holiday! Also included was the Lash Venom Mascara & All Eye Intensifier Eyeliner.

Candy Paint Lipgloss by Carol's Daughter: The color is called "Bossy" It's a sparkly gold, doesn't really show up that great on my lips. I got it for $6. I kinda had a couple of gripes about this gloss. I'm not sure if it was "old" or what but when I tried to squeeze it out of the tube a bunch of clear oily stuff squirted out and I mean it was a LOT of it, I had to drain all of it before I could get to the color :-/ Also, it burned a little bit! WTF??? Not a winner...

I used a Tinted Moisturizer by Artistry for my foundation...

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!!!!!


  1. Oooo....prelly! I love the eyeshadow! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thankies! Merry Christmas to you too Tini!!!! Have LOTS of drinks!!! LOL!!!

  3. Bossy from Carol's Daughter is my shit. i started using it 2 years ago. the makeup looks good on you.


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