24 December 2009

Nurture My Body Review & Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Nuture My Body provided me with free samples of this product to review and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

When I received the package containing my samples of Nurture My Body I was pleasantly surprised. It was beautifully wrapped and included a beautiful handwritten note from the company president. The first thing I said was, "Wow, this is how a package is suppose to come!" The care and the thoughtfulness that went into the presentation told me something- Nurture My Body, down to the slightest detail; they put a lot of love and care into everything that they do.

I received a Moisturizing Shampoo (infused with Horsetail and Seaweed extract), Fragrance Free Conditioner (with Macadamia Nut Oil) and something I've always been wanting to try but hesitant about doing so- a Soothing Shampoo Bar (with Lavender Essential Oil). Also included was a cranberry colored woven drawstring bag. 

Soon as you open the box, the contents smelled so good and spa like. I loved the cobalt blue bottles which help the a natural ingredients stay fresher longer. I had a tough decision to make. Use the Soothing Shampoo Bar or the Moisturizing Shampoo? So I went with the Shampoo Bar. As I lathered up, it dawned on me that this is a great alternative to taking a bottled shampoo while vacationing! With the liquid restrictions in effect, you could easily toss this into your luggage and whiz pass the security check point and not have to toss your beloved shampoo or worry about the cap becoming unsecured and ruining your clothes.

So off I went and washed my hair using the Soothing Shampoo Bar.  I lathered up two or three times and worked it into my hair. It smelled really good and cleaned my hair very well. I'll be the first to admit, I didn't think the shampoo would work because it's in bar form. It had good sudsing action so I didn't have to rub the bar forever to get enough lather for my hair. I repeated the cleansing and it washed out of my hair without any problem! 

Next, I used the Fragrance Free Conditioner. It has a thick lotion like consistency and I used two quarter sized amounts to make sure my hair was covered. It was nice and creamy and washed out my without much effort.

Glow: Everything smelled great (for the exception of the Fragrance Free Conditioner- since it's unscented). I didn't get to use the Moisturizing Shampoo yet but if it's anything like the Shampoo Bar, then I'm sure I'll love it! The products contain all natural ingredients and no chemicals which is always a plus.

Glare: More like a caution- when I was washing my hair the runoff from my scalp got into my eyes and the shampoo burned my eyes something awful! Please use extra care so that this does not get into your eyes! The conditioner, although creamy and rich, I didn't notice any marked difference in my hair. I didn't really like the thick lotion consistency- it didn't emulsify well when I rubbed it in my hands to apply to my hair.

Overall Glam: These products are a must! It's handmade, fresh and contain natural ingredients. I was truly impressed with the care and effort that was taken to package my products. I look for small details like that because it tells me a lot about the company. You really can't wrong with products like these.


Now part one of this is giveaway you must to go NurtureMyBody.com and on the homepage enter to win a $50 gift box! Another chance to get more great products! Also follow NurtureMyBody on http://twitter.com/Rich_Arnold and/or be a Fan on Facebook. Easy right?

Now part two is the entry form! Let the scavenger hunt begin! Go to Nurture My Body and search the site for the answers! To make things more interesting, the contest is only open for twelve hours! The winner receives a full size Moisturizing Shampoo and Fragrance Free Conditioner! Good Luck!

**Special BIG THANKS to Rich Arnold. for making this giveaway possible!**

Enter for YOUR CHANCE TO "GLOW!" Contest begins December 24, 2009 9:00 am and ends 09:00 pm December 24, 2009. Winner will be announced December 26, 2009 **Click HERE for contest rules** 

**Leaving your answers and email address in the comments DOES NOT qualify as an entry. Please use the form.**

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