16 December 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession : Overall Beauty

It's no secret that I love trying new things! This weeks obsession features products from Overall Beauty. They're an online retailer that carries a various selection of beauty products.

 First up are the mineral based eye shadow's that also double as eyeliner. 

Top Color: Envy (Such a subtle pretty green)
Bottom Color: Prince (The name alone drew me in)

Top Color: Pink Magic (Definitely one of my faves out of the bunch, the color is definitely magical. It comes out pink but blends/dissolves into a vibrant purple.)
Bottom Color: Ion ( I'm a lover of blues & this one is a winner)

A few other colors; Cobalt Night is my favorite by far!

What It Claims: To have a higher percentage of pure mineral colorants and NO FILLERS, so a small amount on your eye lids provides the same color depth as a heavy application of traditional pressed powder eye make up.

Likes: The colors are very shimmery they add a whole lot of glam!

Dislikes: The colors consistency seems a little more sheer than I normally prefer but that's nothing a little primer can't fix.

Would I Recommend It: Yes!!!

Overall: The colors are very vibrant, some more than others but they all make statements which I love!

Next up is nail polish by BB Couture. 

Color: Spellbound

I literally haven't painted my nails in years! Crazy right? No strange logic behind it I just haven't LOL!

Once I laid eyes on the color I was overly anxious to give it a test drive!

What It Claims: It's a 4-in-one with base coat, top coat, nail strengthener and color in one bottle. The line is characterized by rich, saturated colors with natural pearl that dry lightning fast!

Likes: It's very rich, a little definitely goes a long way. I used 2 coats by preference but you really don't need to! It also has a very high shine!

Dislikes: None!

Would I Recommend It: Of course! I've also had my eyes on a few other colors from this collection.

Overall: I'm oh SO happy that "Spellbound" was the color that made me give up my nail polish celibacy. The color is like a deep plum, very sophisticated and comes out just the way it looks!

Finally, the Organic Nail Polish Remover made by Karma Organic.

What It Claims: Free from chemicals, acetone & toxins. It adds moisture and conditions nails and cuticles as you use it.

Likes: The first thing I noticed after opening the remover was the smell, it was extremely pleasant & had a light scent of lavender.

Dislikes: Nothing major but it took a couple of rubs to fully remove the polish, a tad more tedious than the chemical based products. 

Would I Recommend It: Yeppers!!!!

Overall: Unlike other nail polish removers this one has a very pleasant scent. Very ideal for those of you who are into products with natural & organic ingredients. The best part about it was that after removing all of my polish I noticed my natural nail color had a lot of shine to it. That's so not typical because most products I've used before totally dried my nails out & left them dull looking. It's a great product although $10.99 is a little steep but I love the fact that it doesn't consist of those nasty ingredients,  so I think its well worth the buy.

*A special Thank You to Kim Snyder over at Overall Beauty*

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