18 December 2009

Where In The World Is Glam Girl Sandiego?

We're always in search of the next glam find. I've been trying to find the PERFECT train case to hold my ever growing makeup haul. You have the really high end cases that retail for $200+ to the cases found at your local Targèt or Walmart that retails anywhere from $20-40. The problem I think most find is not having enough SPACE! If you're like me, you can't fit everything in your train case. This is the one I currently have by Caboodles. I think it was $19.99.

Everything is crammed in there and I can't organized it very well because the trays are so small and most cosmetic items are a pretty decent size. Not to mention keep things sanitized properly (like swabs and cotton balls, etc). Then when I travel, I use this soft case:

I have to dig through the bag, everything is mixed in together= NIGHTMARE. You can't possibly take everything you'd like to thanks in part to 9/11. You have to cram everything LIQUID into a quart sized ziplock bag OR check your bag- depending on which airline you frequent you'll be charged for doing so. Then you take the risk of something getting broken! That's soooooo not glam. So you're left to make the tough decision to pick and choose which cosmetics that'll travel with you. Oh the horror to leave one of your beloved eye shadows behind! I scoured the internet and found a couple of great train cases but either they were way too large, the storage was either arkward, not enough space or just plain too expensive. So I started thinking "out of the box." Now I'm a Lowes/ Home Depot kinda girl but still very much a girly-girl. I started thinking... "What if there was a tool box I could use as a train case? Something compact, not so tool box looking, sturdy, stylish, tons of storage and easy to travel with....." AND BY GOD I FOUND IT! So without further ado, please meet Tini's new makeup train case!

Now you ask where did I get it from? Amazon.com! The case is a Plano 3650 Size Tackle Box. Yes, you read that right! A TACKLE BOX! Who knew that a tackle box can be so useful to a Glow Girl?! How much was it you may ask? Only $31.00! Amazon has free shipping on purchases over $25. While they don't have color options, this one was perfect for me because me favorite color is blue! I can't begin to tell you how much I love this new case. It's small, portable and fairly light. Another COOL feature about this case is it comes with a form attached the to product registration to get a personalized nameplate to attach to the case! It only costs $2.50 and a total of 18 characters maximum. I haven't figured out what I want to get on the nameplate yet but I will soon.

So as you can see sometimes we can find uses for things we wouldn't normally consider to be useful. So it's no longer a "man's world." LOL We have clearly merged beauty and braun! Have any questions? Leave a comment!

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