07 January 2010

Bump It Up!!!!

Sooooo I'm REALLY gonna need y'all NOT to judge me for buying this LOL! I can't help it I LOVE as seen on TV products! Come on, you know you've seen the hilarious commercials and even contemplated buying one, it's OK I won't tell :-)

Nonetheless, I've seen this product on TV time after time and always wanted to try it. I can't lie, I was a little skeptical about it at first. The majority of my apprehension came from whether or not "Bumpits" was actually made for all hair types or if it catered to a specific type. Because I mean, you know... *whispers* we're not on any of the boxes 0.o ...

Bumpits are regularly priced @ $9.99 but lucky me stumbled across it @ Staples marked down 50%...WoooHooo!!! Now, did it REALLY work? Let's find out...



Bumpits comes in small, medium and large. I used the medium sized bumpit for this look.

Not Bad???

What It Claims: To add maximized volume to your hair. Claims to stay in place all day no matter the style or the activity & to be easy to use.

Likes: Applying it was very simple. My hair is very fine, so I liked that it didn't get tangled when I tried to remove it. If you take your time (don't yank it out) it'll slide right through your strands like a comb when removing it. 

Dislikes: I initially tried using the small bumpit on my bang area & wasn't that pleased with the results. My main gripe is that the smallest one is TOO small. I thought to myself, is this made for an infant?? LOL It didn't create quite the "bump" I was looking for. 

Would I Recommend It: Ehh, although I was semi-pleased with my results, it's nothing to write home about so probably not. 

Overall:  Its a decent product for the price I guess. For me, it just wasn't as fabulous as they made it seem on the commercials. True enough I could've teased or added hair spray to maximize the volume but that's just not the look I was going for.  Also, you still need a hair clip or bobby pins to hold the hair in place once you comb it over the bumpit which was kind of a downside in my opinion. I just feel like I could've acheived the same or similar results just using bobby pins *shrugs* I'm glad I got it on sale because I just don't foresee myself using it again :-/

Have any of you tried this product?

Were you satisfied with the results?

Would you use the bumpit frequently?


  1. I always wondered how it looked on someone other than the people in the commercial. I actually thought it bumped it more, but it's still cute.

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  2. I thought it would be more of a bump too but that's how they draw us in I guess lol

  3. Awwwww, so you finally tried it. You promised to take a picture of you using it on the bangs. *side eye* How about the large one? Was it too large like the small was too small?

  4. Sidebar: I laughed at the fact that you found it in Staples. I love Staples - they always carry things you wouldn't expect to find in their, hence The Bumpit.

  5. Girl, LOL I was surprised when I stumbled across it in Staples! Oh I did take a pic with the small one on my bang I just didn't like the outcome, and I didn't try the big one it looked way too "extra" LOL!

  6. Remember how much it tickled me on Twitter when you bought it, lol...

  7. ^^^YES! And I still think you should get a small bumpit for the fro LOL


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