28 January 2010

Get That Caffeine Fix For.....Your Hair?

Can you imagine making a cup of coffee for yourself AND your hair to quench that caffeine urge? There is a new product made by Greensations calledThermaScalp. It's a natural scalp therapy that increases:

  • Follicle blood flow
  • Healthy hair growth
It also relieves:
  • Dryness and itching
  • Dandruff and irritation
It contains Caffeine, Capsicum, Olive leaf, Saw Palmetto and Nettle Extracts. I don't know about you but I was siked when I heard about this and received it to try out and review. I have a great appreciation for caffeine-more than you know. 

First off it's all natural which is always plus. The scent is a cross between soda and spicy peppers. The "spicy" is the Capsicum (found in peppers). The instructions call for spraying ThermaScalp on your scalp and hair, rubbing it into your scalp; you can use it as a pre-poo or post-poo treatment. After I applied to my scalp after a couple of minutes my scalp began to feel warm. No tingling- but no itching. I left it on for about an hour and washed my hair. I've used it several times leaving it in my hair whenever I got the "itchies." Seems to work fine.

Then there is the ThermaSkin that works the same way on the scalp but for the skin. It's moisturizing and immediately stops skin irritation. One day my ankle was itching really bad and I sprayed some of the ThermaSkin on it and rubbed it in and almost immediately the itching stopped...and the irritation didn't return!

Glow: They both seem to work so far. I know I'm not going to see immediate results but I couldn't believe how it ceased the itching! Especially with an ingredient from peppers! Who knew? The ThermaSkin smells like cross between aloe vera and cucumber....very refreshing! Best of all, it's 100% natural!

Glare: The ThermaScalp I found you have to be careful in application because if you happen to inhale some of the mist while applying it will cause some throat irritation. So be careful! It doesn't smell as good as the ThermaSkin.

Overall Glam: You can't beat an all natural way to boost healthy hair and soothe your skin. I'm fascinated by caffeine, something near and dear to my heart that can help hair growth! ThermaScalp and ThermaSkin is definitely worth a try!

To learn more about ThermaScalp and ThermaSkin please visit www.greensations.com

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