28 January 2010

Glamour Gimme: Shop How You Want, For What You Want

Scenario: It's gift giving time, whether it be Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. You get handed an envelope. Your eyes light up. It could be one of two things: cash money or a gift card. Either way you score because it's MONEY. You open up the envelope and see a gift card to Miss Nancy's Floral Shop.

Yeah, you're pretty disappointed. What the hell were they thinking? You don't even like flowers! You manage a smile and think to yourself, "Man, I wish this was a Bloomingdales gift card instead!" I'm here to tell you it's possible! There's a service called Plastic Jungle. They take those unwanted gift cards and turn them in for cards you can USE! I kid you not this service exists! It's the BEST thing that could have EVER happened to those useless gift cards you receive!

This is how the service works:

You go to their site and click on Sell Cards. Then enter the merchant name and the amount on the card. Now the minimum limit you HAVE to have on a card is $25. Then click on See Offers. You'll be offered cash or the opportunity to purchase another card from a different vendor. After you've made your selection, you fill out your personal information and print a pre-paid addressed label to mail in the card you're looking to get rid of. After they receive the card and verify the funds on the card they send you the cash or the gift card you selected! Another great thing about this service is they also give you the option to donate your gift card balance to a charity of your choice! You can also BUY gifts cards at less their face value! So you go from something that you wanna lose to something you can USE!

This is sooooo perfect for the die hard Glow Girl Shopaholic. If you want to learn more about Plastic Jungle, please visit their site at http://www.plasticjungle.com/

Happy Shopping!


  1. SO glad you put me on to this!!! Such a genius idea! What's next trading in unwanted gifts? If so, I'd be a happy girl LOL because I absolutely HATE when people give me "Holiday" themed gifts, I mean really, what am I supposed to do with a Snowman Candy Dish in JULY??? LOL :-P

  2. Thanks! *DEAD* at candy dish...you can always re-gift it! LOL I love the idea of taking a gift card you have no desire for and get one that you can use. Bless the person who invented this! I just recently turned in a gift card! LOL I have to suppose my makeup habit somehow!


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