05 January 2010

Glow Girl Spotlight: Yum Yum Candle

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas & New Year was filled with love, laughter, fun and good food. I'm excited to bring you our first Glow Girl Interview. We decided to do this series because there are so many women out there that are really working hard making things happen for themselves. I wanted them to have an outlet to tell the story of how they got started and inspire other women to do the same. I was able to snag an interview with Chelsea from the Yum Yum Candle company! What makes them so yummy? Peep the interview to find out! If you're interested in being featured in our Glow Girl series please feel free to email us.

1. What made you guys get into the candle business? How did Yum Yum become a reality?

I started making candles for myself as a hobby. I've always been into doing something... baking, making coasters, do-it-yourself projects.... I like to do things that allow for creativity. Making candles here and there quickly turned into a business as friends and family requested to buy them from me. I was operating as a sole proprietor at the time and chose the name Yum Yum Candle because it seemed to suit my candle scents well. As word spread about the business my sister and a friend from high school came aboard as partners.

2. I know that you guys are friends and family. How is the work ethic
working with family?
My partners know how I am (laugh).... we've known each other for years. I'm a Type A personality so they kind of knew what they were getting into. It can be a little bit of challenge but we've known and worked together for so long that it works ok. (We used to be an R&B group!)

3. Owning a business is more than a full time job! How do you manage
time for personal interests?
I try to carve out a night or two where I don't do anything related to the business and if I do, it's something small. You definitely need down time otherwise you burn out. Doing something that you love makes a difference though because then the work just doesn't seem like work.

4. Was it important for you to use natural ingredients in your products?

Yes - to be as natural as we can is important. We only have 1 life.... we have 1 body and that means we need to take care of our self. A good diet is one way. (Easier said than done these days!! lol) Using products made with natural ingredients is another.

5. What makes Yum Yum Candle company different from the rest?

In terms of our products, I think our scents are really crisp and realistic - they diffuse well in the air and can smell up a room. I think our philosophy and attitude towards life is reflected in our products and in how we do business - that differentiates us as well. Good products, good prices, having fun, being creative and "free" (versus being stodgy or too serious).... the combination sets us apart.

6. Since this is the "Glow Spotlight" What makes you glow? What beauty
products MUST you have?
Being able to be me makes me glow. I'm serious yet I like to laugh and have fun. I have a quirky side to me too and all of those behaviors can come out w/in a few seconds of each other (do I sound crazy? lol) ... being able to do that makes me glow.

I'm a low fuss beauty products kind of girl. I don't need too many and don't want too many. If I had to say there's something I couldn't do without, I'd say virgin coconut oil. Any brand. It has so many great uses from my hair to my skin.

7. What advice do you have for women that may be thinking about or
scared to start a business?

If you have passion you can do it but be prepared to work at it. It's takes time to build a business - overnight success can happen but be prepared to work like it's not going to happen. The saying "there's nothing to fear but fear itself" is so true.... It's your life and you only get one chance at it... why not spend it doing something you love?

Aren't they beautiful? Please look forward to a review of the yummy products! With candles that have names like Mango Colada how can you not love them? You can check out the website here and follow them on twitter here and don't forget facebook!

Keep Glowing,


  1. Yes it is! Always good to see people loving what they do!

    Great interview Tamar!

  2. I think this is great. The best businesses start from hobbies it shows true passion.

  3. Aww they are so cute! And what an uplifting story!


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