22 January 2010

Glow or Glare: Airing Out Your Dirty Laundry

Now there is something to be said about "airing" out your dirty laundry. Tide has come out with a new product called Swash that helps "freshen" clothes between laundry days. This is their sales pitch:

Make sure your clothes stay fresh for any occasion by carrying these handy products from Swash. The Swash family of products removes wrinkles, odors & fresh food and drink stains in a flash. So whether you’re running late in the morning or squeezing in a workout before a night on the town, isn’t it good to know you can always Swash and go?

fresh it up - swash away odors in a flash.
smooth it out - swash out wrinkles, odors and static in no time flat.
steam it out - swash out odors in a 10 minute tumble.
get it out - swash fresh food and drink stains out on the fly.
Now these products are a lot different from Dryel (low budget dry cleaning) but not too far off from Febreeze. While I'm all for the stain pen, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of  "covering up" odor. To me it's just too much work and it's easier to shower and change or use personal cleansing wipes and change if it gets that bad. What are your thoughts? Glow or Glare?

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