14 January 2010

H2O- (Hard 2 Obtain) Balance- Tini's Journal Entry Pt. 1

Last week I started using my HydraCoach. This first week has been a challenging one to say the least. I didn't expect it to work any miracles but in the short period of time I did start to notice some changes (for the better). I definitely started eliminating more (which has become quite annoying to be honest. But if it's cleansing my system it's all good) my skin isn't as dry and I have a little more energy than before. Let me note that in addition to using the HydraCoach, I'm also using SlimQuick (the powdered version). Between these two I'm really taking on a lot but staying healthy is key.

Here are my entries:

Day 1: My 1st day using the HC and naturally it was a little challenging because work today was HECTIC! I didn't meet my goal the HC set but I did manage to drink 51oz. I think when I initially started it might have misread my intake but I think tomorrow should be better.

Day 2: Today I split between two containers: the HC and drinking the SlimQuick powder which requires 16.9 oz of water. Combined I drank a total of 57.9oz which is a little better than yesterday!

Day 3: Um...total fail...only drank about 8oz....Ugh...

Day 4: Since it's the weekend I know this is going to be an ultra challenge. Comforts of home change everything! I did manage to gulp down 14 oz of the SlimQuick and 20oz of HC...not bad but less than before

Day 5: Today is hard because I'm feeling totally lazy. I drank 16oz of SlimQuick and 17oz HC. Starting to wonder if it's possible to drink all this stuff! Peeing. Like. Crazy. Tiz all.

Day 6: Back to work. Today wasn't that bad. 16.9 oz SQ and 22oz of HC....

Day 7: Felt like some fruit. Made a 8oz fruit smoothie with 2% milk and two tablespoons of yogurt. Drank 14oz of HC and 16.9 SQ...It has to be illegal to pee this much...OMG!

It might be TMI but I think sharing helps understand. Drinking all this fluid has actually curbed my appetite and when I do get hungry I'm not starving. I make sure I keep trail mix or some other healthy snack in case hunger pangs come along and I chug down some water. I'm really making an effort to improve on drinking more with the HC but sometimes work gets in the way-however I do pretty well hydrating at work than I do at home.

Are you doing a similar routine? Share with us! Please leave a comment or email me martini@gimmethatglow.com Meet me back here next week for my next journal entry!

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