07 January 2010

H2O- (Hard 2 Obtain) Balance

In my very first post on Gimme That Glow I stressed the importance of taking quality supplements and drinking water. Sometimes we struggle drinking sufficient amounts of water daily. There can be a number of excuses:

  • Plain water is just too boring. I need some flavor!
  • I drink fruit juices and stuff- there's water in that right?
  • I drank a cup of water three days ago- that's enough....
.....And the list goes on. I have no problem admitting I struggle with drinking water and enough of it. I have my good days and my bad days. One thing I can say is I don't consume soda and sugary juices regularly...it's close to seldom borderline rarely nowadays. There are some days where I'm really not thirsty and don't drink much. There are other days where I drink green tea and several cups of water throughout the day. There are other days I drink from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. My erratic water consumption behavior started to bother me so I decided to do something about it.

I was walking through Target one afternoon and came across a water bottle in the sports section that caught my eye. I looked at the price and politely walked away. When I got to work several days later, my curiosity began to get the better of me and I searched online to see if I could find the bottle. What I found was HydraCoach. It's a water bottle designed to get you to drink sufficient amount of water daily based on a number of factors. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love gadgets (and the color blue).

I was excited when it finally got it. I'm not one to really sit and read the manual, I just dive right on in. I managed to figure out how to program my weight, date and time. I was itching to start on my month long "test run" to see how this works and how it would work for me. I decided to wait until the next day to start. I plan on keeping a weekly journal making daily entries as I use the HydraCoach. I'll even post the journal here for you to take a gander at my thoughts and progress each week on this 30 day journey.

What people tend to forget and especially women, water is essential to our daily functions and keeps everything running in tip-top shape. Not drinking sufficient amounts of water can lead to:

  • Excess body fat (this is NOT an option...no sir.....)
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Excessively dry skin (not even lotion can cure)
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Digestive problems like constipation
  • Water retention (your body compensates by hanging onto water because you're not drinking enough)
And that list goes on to be a very lengthy one. HydraCoach may not be for everyone. I've tried other methods and haven't been able to consistently stick to it. Staying hydrated is becoming increasingly important and imperative to staying healthy. Using HydraCoach is something I think that will get me on the right track helping me to hydrate properly without being over or under hydrated. To learn more about HydraCoach please visit their site at www.hydracoach.com
Also check out their helpful calculator to find out how much you should be drinking http://www.hydracoach.com/calculation/index.html

If you are doing something similar or have a HydraCoach yourself, leave a comment and share or email me at martini@gimmethatglow.com I'd love to hear about it! It's great when you have a good support system to help you meet your goals! Meet me back here next week for my first weekly journal entry!


  1. I saw your tweet and then I came to read your post. This year I am definitely drinking 300% more water. While reading your post and all that it causes I kept drinking more water LOL. Thanks for posting this more women need to be aware and stop making excuses about why they do not drink water.

    Twitter: @inherheels

  2. This is niiice! I so need one of these. I'll have to look it up. Didn't even know they made something like this water the water drinking challenged people like myself, lol. Wonderful posts! Thanks!

  3. Omg! Typing too fast. That was suppose to say for the water drinking challenged like myself, :)

  4. I love this water bottle! It's been challenging for the first few days using it so far because work is so busy..I have to constantly keep reminding myself to DRINK! But it's worth the price tag IMO Better than having to deal with adverse affects of NOT DRINKING ENOUGH!

    Thank to you both for reading and commenting! Appreciate it!


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