06 January 2010

Hair Accessory Corner Part 2

This is a cute exotic  blue feather headband with a round canopy with iridescent green plumes. With other spotted feathers and crystal gems.  I thought it was adorable and just out the box.  This headband can be found at Torrid for $14.

This sweet hair clip is a vinyl bow in a glossy black.  Its connected to a Black Metal snap barrettes. This can be found at Torrid for $8. 

Cute simple satin bow headband.  This one can be found at Forever 21 for $3.80.


  1. *gasp* I like the blue feathered one LMAO!!! I'd be too shy to wear it though HAHA!!! How many headbands do you own?!

  2. I wore it only once. the problem with it is one wrong move when touching it the feathers are all screwed its nicer to look at . Idk how many I have. I honestly give them away to my cousins after I wear them once or twice.In my headband life I would say I have hit at different points 50 or so.

  3. I actually wore the blue feathered one for Christmas!

  4. I LOVE the blue one! (I heart blue)
    Obsessed much with the 500 headbands you own? (I know you mistyped "50") LMAO

  5. lol lol noooo 500 lol Blue is my favorite color too well specifically turquoise and teal

  6. all of us have TOO much in common lol my fave color is BLUE too!!!


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