15 January 2010

Inner Glow: Start Creating A New Healthy You

I know a good percentage of us ladies all over at some point struggle with weight.  Diets, fluctuating weight, and all the emotional factors that go into many weight problems.  Time and time again we are all trying to be healthy and get sidetracked by hectic life, as well as the frustrations of starting a new healthy lifestyle.  I know it can be hard. The best thing to do (in my opinion) is to take baby steps until you feel more confident about your new lifestyle.  Set obtainable goals and create motivation for yourself. Two great ways  to get you started contains regional and personal motivation.

Community Motivation

The Biggest Loser Pound for Pound Challenge is a new program that allows you to pledge an amount of pounds that in return goes to feeding the homeless in your area (Every pound you lose,14 cents is donated to Feeding America). What better way to start helping yourself than by helping others.  You can even create local networks where you and others can work together to complete your goals.  Having a supportive community with like-minded goals can help you especially when things get tough.  Currently, I'm in a group called BeFitNola, where several individuals pledged weight loss goals and are working together to achieve.

Personal Motivation

A great personal motivation is to go out to the mall and find a sexy outfit and buy it in the size you to get into (Keep In Mind: BE REALISTIC). Work hard to get in that new sexy dress, you don't want to waste your money.  It's just a little extra icing!!! Tip: If you don't want to actually buy the dress yet, go to your favorite website and find you something sexy and print it out.
(Forever21  Drop Waist Dress)

Tips to start new healthy lifestyle
  1. Talk to a doctor. ( Check with your doctor about what should be your goals, how to do it, and etc)
  2. Create a plan/ Make realistic goals. (Create a plan that works great for you and that's realisitic, everyone doesn't lose weight the same or in the same time frame so create something for you)
  3. Take your time creating healthy changes. (Work at your own pace!)
  4. Create or find a support system.
  5. Love the skin you're in. ( You will never be able to live a fully or healthy lifestyle if you first can't love the original skin you in. Love yourself at every size and every flaw)


  1. I love the Pound for Pound chellenge! Going to check that out in 3..2..NOW! Great post!

  2. Thanks!!!

    Pound for Pound is definitely a great way to give anyone that extra push. They also offer up many healthy tips along the journey.


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