27 January 2010

The Lip Routine

Ladies, so often we all take so much time focusing on our foundation and eye shadows and etc, but forget about lips. We should all create a lip routine that works well with your style and your lip formation.  Today I shared my lip routine. I like a more basic lip look, which I recommend for fuller lips.

I started with a basic lip balm, for me its all about Chapstick. No matter what you use before putting on your lipstick/lip gloss, make sure you put something on to the protect your lips and give them that added moisture and shine.

Next, I used a lipstick to give me a nice strong color. For this look, I used Mac Frost. Its a goldish brown, not too dark nor light. What I love about the decision to use lipstick is the way lipsticks creates such a strong look for full lips.

Lastly, I put a lip gloss on. I like to give my lips an added shine, but not too glossy. I used a Sephora lip gloss with a shimmery tone.

Whatever you decide for your lip routine, make sure its something that defines your personality rather dark or lighter. Keep your lips healthy and they will continue to shine for you!!!


  1. Lips are so key. I used to be scared of lipstick, because I always thought about old women smelling of waxy flowers. >.>

    It does make a difference though, and whether you apply it full on or more sheerly, it's amazing for colour. Now of course, I'm a full on lip junkie.. LOL

  2. LOL which is true, when I was younger I thought lipstick was just for older and I stuck to lip
    gloss. I'm glad I got over that. Lipstick can give such a great smooth look without going overboard.

    I love lips too!


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