04 January 2010

Makeup Mondays: Bringing In the New Year With A Smokey Eye

Happy Monday & Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone's holiday was superb. For me, 2010 brings not only a new year but a new perspective for new beginnings. I've never been one to make resolutions and lets face it, the majority of people don't actually stick to them and I'm no different. But there's one thing I'm always up for and that's progression. I'm starting a personal journey on discovering myself. I'm 26 and one of my biggest fears is walking into my 30's unhappy and unfulfilled. These years have moved by so quickly & thirty will soon be reality and as I approach it I plan to live a lifestyle that results in being happier, healthier and a sense of wholeness. That's attainable right? So who's with me?

This weeks look features a smokey blue eye. For me, I've always been weary about creating the smokey look. Mainly because it can easily become a disaster if you're not familiar with the technique. And being a beginner I am sooooooo NOT familiar with it LOL! But hey I gave it a try anyway....

Here's what I used...

*Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX
 Color: Milk
 Price: $3.50
 Process: I applied it in the inner corner of my eyes

*Infinite Liquid Liner by Milani
 Color: Everlast
 Price: $5.99
 Process: I lined my bottom inner eyes with it

 *Mascara by NYX
 Color: Black 
 Price: $5
 Process: I applied it to my lashes duhhhhh LOL

*Dual Ended Lip Gloss by Black Opal
 Color: Screen Gems
 Price: $5.00
 Process: Loved the color, didn't wanna stay on my lips though lol

*Mineral Eyeshadow by Overall Beauty
 Color: Cobalt Night
 Price:$1.50 sample size
 Process: Blended above the lids & applied on the under lid

*Eyeshadow by MAC
 Color: Beauty Marked Velvet
 Price: $14.50
 Process: Applied to the top lids

*Eyeshadow by Artistry
 Color: Bronze
 Process: Highlighted my eyebrows with it

I think it turned out pretty okay for my first attempt. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Oh yeah, did I mention that I was also REALLY into nails now???

HAHA I wouldn't call it an "addiction" just yet BUT ever since I broke my nail painting celebacy I haven't been able to stop trying new things with them. It may seem simple to you but for me its a BIG deal b/c I NEVER use to paint my nails and now I've been getting manicures WTF???

Anywho these were my "New Year" nails, I couldn't think of anything awesomeriffic for a design so I went with a flower :-/

So, what does 2010 have in store for you? Big plans? Goals? I wanna hear them, let me know!!!!

until next time...

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