04 January 2010

Micro Balanced Products- Lavilin Product Review

While visiting my mom for the Christmas holiday I had the chance to use my family members as guinea pigs for the Lavilin products I received to review. My brother was the PERFECT candidate to use the Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream. Ever since we could remember his feet could wake the dead (sorry man....but it's true...LOL) He was willing to try it out. His initial reaction to the cream was it was messy but smelled great. He wore socks to keep the cream from getting all over the floor. After two days he began to notice some foot odor coming back. The instructions state that you have to reapply the cream no later than two days after the previous application. You can shower, etc with this product and he didn't complain of irritation or discomfort. For the most part, the cream seemed to tame his stinky feet!

Next my brother used the Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream. He swears by Mitchell deodorant because even with showering you don't have to reapply for a day or two. After braving the 48 hour period of being deodorant free to use the Lavilin product he was thrilled to have something to spare himself and the rest of us from unbearable underarm odor. After almost three days is when he started noticing some odor creeping up. Not bad! Made him start rethinking his regular deodorant....

Last but not least, my mom and I used the Aqualin Skin Reviving Moisturizer Original Formula. The cool thing I like about this product is it's a water gel.  Weird right? It only contains electrolyte-free water and glycerin. THAT'S IT. Nothing more. It contains no fragrance and you can use for just about everything: flaky scalp, elbows, feet, before and after shaving- just to name a few. One of the HUGE PLUSES about this product is that it doesn't clog your pores. Like other moisturizers it doesn't evaporate off the skin. Both my mom and I had the same reaction after application: it's leaves a little stickiness behind.  I actually applied it to my face and used a foundation over it and my skin felt great! It didn't feel sticky like my hands did after application. I think this is a great moisturizer especially during the winter months when your skin is drier than a desert because of the wind and cold.

Glow: My brother seemed to like the deodorant products and the fact that they actually did work. I liked the moisturizer especially because of it's unique properties and it didn't make my face feel greasy or heavy.

Glare: My brother complained the application of the cream was a little messy even when using just a small amount. I didn't like the sticky feel left on my hands.

Overall Glam: Although a little messy and sticky the overall result was good. Nothing a good hand washing can't fix! I plan on using this moisturizer for the remainder of the winter!


  1. LOL I am literally cracking up @ you using your bro as the guinea pig & putting his tootsies on blast!!! But I'm glad it worked for him!!!

  2. He knows his feet stink! LMAO Didn't think there was anything strong enough to tame them :-/ YELP!



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