26 January 2010

Product Review: Madame Madeline's Fab Lashes

Well, its been a minute since I experimented with lashes and you may remember my very first eyelash experience. Ever since then I've been itching to give it another shot and lucky me stumbled across Madame Madeline's fab site which features tons of various types of lashes. They have such a wide selection and a girl could literally spend all day picking out the perfect set. There were three in particular that caught my eye right away. Lets see how they worked out for me below.

 Ultra Lashes by Ardell


These lashes are made of 100% European Hair and feature a top set and a pair of lower lashes. I opted for the short & spiked versions #207.

I'm not gonna lie, the bottom lashes made me nervous right away!

The top lashes were very glamorous I liked them a lot. As for the bottom lashes, not bad, but I couldn't really get jiggy with them. I can't see myself wearing these out anywhere.

Accents Lashes by Ardell


Half Lashes that enhance density along the outer edge of your lashline.

I love the way these ascenuated the outer lashes.

Not too over the top, very natural looking.

Another View...
(Excuse the breakout, my skin wasn't having an awesome day lol )


These are also from the half lash collection and feature a set of natural lashes and a set with glitter.

The name alone drew me in instantly and check out the glittery set.

The glitter TERRIFIED me!!!! What if it gets in my eyes???

It actually went a little better than I expected...

They were a little over the top for my personal style, but not bad at all.

What It Claims:  To provide a large selection of high quality lashes with guarenteed low prices.

Likes: I love that they offer so many different types. Whether your looking for short, long, individual, custome or stage lashes; Madame Madeline has them ALL, not to mention the prices are VERY affordable.

Dislikes: Absolutlely none! What you see is whast you get, the products were very true to their photos and descirptions.

Would I Recommend It: Sure would! It's a one stop shop, they have EVERYTHING for your lash needs. Madam Madeline has such a variety to choose from. Even if the one's I tried aren't necessarily your taste, I know for sure you'd find something that is!

Overall: I definitely look forward to indulging in all of my lash needs at Madame Madeline. Make sure you check out the site here

Products were provided by PR & Media Relations Representatives by request for review. Read our disclosure policy here.


  1. I am just like you (were before the first try), I've never ever applied eyelashes. But they look cute, make your eyes pop, and after reading this post, I am going to buy some and try them out!

  2. love them! I cant get jiggy with the bottom lashes either i think its b/c i have small eyes but all the others look great! cute!

  3. YAY!!! I'm excited and make sure to let me know when you post the pics :o) Experimenting with the lashes has been so fun!

  4. You are brave! I have YET to try lashes myself but bought two to try! I can't wait to give it a shot. I didn't like the big glitter..looks scary..I'd be afraid it would get in my eye! UGH! The half lashes came out cute!


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