04 January 2010

Product Review: Skin MD Natural

Winter is in full effect and I don't know about you but these frigid temperatures have been giving my skin the dry & flaky blues. I just haven't been able to maintain my skins natural moisture without resulting in applying lotion a billion times a day.

21st Century Formulations were nice enough to send us over their new shielding lotion to give a try.

"Skin MD Natural"  is a shielding lotion formulated with natural ingredients that promote the healing of dry skin. It includes Aqua, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  For the complete list of ingredients and their effects you can check them out here.

I tried the lotion on my hands first because they've been the most affected by the cold weather.

One of the first things I noticed about the lotion was the fragrance free scent and that its very lightweight but still goes on plentiful with only a small amount.

It left my hands with a natural looking shine and my skin felt incredibly soft.

What It Claims: To naturally protect, hydrate and restore your skins moisture. It also has anti-aging properties and treats skin conditions such as Eczema.

Likes: I loved that it didn't have an overwhelming scent. It wasn't greasy and didn't take long to rub in. Most importantly it literally made my hands feel super soft instantly after applying it!!!

Dislikes: Honestly, the duration of it on my skin was short lived. Its not as rich as other lotions I've tried and doesn't quite have that "lasting" effect that I'm accustomed to. I found myself literally reapplying it within fifteen minutes of the initial application, and I don't have overly dry skin.

Would I Recommend It: Sure! But I'd also recommend trying a sample if possible just to make sure its specific for your skin type and needs.

Overall: It's okay, but I've had better. I can't really judge the products healing properties because I didn't use it for that purpose. It's probably just me but I have the tendency to want instant gratification in a moisturizer and this product is something that takes consistent use and time to reach its maximum benefits. On another note I did try it on my face and I.LOVED.IT. I have extremely oily skin especially on my FACE and my cleansing routine usually strips me completely, leaving my skin feeling tight and dry. I've currently been using Ponds to moisturize after my regimen but it leaves me looking like I just applied a handful of Vaseline on my face. (so not cute) But Skin MD Natural worked perfectly, it left me moisturized without looking super oily and shiny. Remember everyone's skin is different so this product may deliver different results than it did for me. I'm going to continue using it for my face routine.


Skin MD Natural products were provided by PR & Media Relations Representatives. Read our disclosure policy here. 

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  1. Great post! It's always hard to find a good lotion especially for the winter months!


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