29 January 2010

'Tini Nails, Lips & Eyes Never Looked So Good!

While the title of this post sounds down right conceited and self absorbed, it's not about me....well sort of.

Disclaimer: Nail/Lip Tini provided me with free samples of this product to review and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

I was UBER thrilled when I found out that this company shared my moniker, "Tini." Even better their product line is full of drunken fun (minus the hangover)! Naturally I LOVED the 'Tini concept for lips and nails. I got to try out:

Nailtini Mini Bar "Bloody Mary You Call It"

Nailtini Nail Garnish

Liptini "Wallbanger"

Liptini- Spiced Rum

The Nailtini was by far the most fun I've had with polish! For this review, I painted, removed, painted, Garnished, removed...and so on! I only have so many fingers! The mini bar I received has Bloody Mary, Espresso Mixer, Vodka and Spritzer. The Bloody Mary you can wear as a stand alone color. It's one of 29 shades in the Nailtini bar stock. The Vodka is the clear top coat. The Espresso Mixer is a stand alone color OR use it as a base to deepen and intensify color. The Spritzer is a glitter-gold finish.

Here are a couple of looks using the Blood Mary You Call It:

Bloody Mary w/ Vodka

Espresso w/Spritzer 

The polish was smooth and dried quickly. It went on in a nice even thin layer.

Nailtini also has toppers (finishes) that I didn't get to try but they are waaaaaay cool!

(left to right-Toppers: "Blue Flame," "Gold Haze,"On The Rocks")
(Left Lip: Blue Flame; Right Lip: On The Rocks)

The toppers and mixer you can use with ANY nail polish! Toppers aren't only limited to the nail polish; the lip collection has their own toppers! The mini bar isn't skimpy either. Each bottle contains plenty for tons of applications! Along with the mini bar is the Garnishes! Seven stencils in all you can create numerous and playful looks! 

No look is complete without LIPS! The Wallbanger is ooh so yummy! It has a red lip stain on one end (with sponge applicator) and tinted orange gloss on the other end (with brush applicator).

The gloss is scented and smells DELISH (has a citrus orange scent)! I literally had to keep myself from trying to lick my lips. The stain, I deepened it using a red lip liner because the stain doesn't show up that great on my lips. You can see a faint tinge of red. (It most certainly will not deter me from using it!) I will suggest using a lip primer to make sure your lips are smooth and the stain doesn't settle in your lip lines distorting the color.

Last but not least is the Spiced Rum. It too has a sponge applicator and is a nice bronze brown. 
I absolutely LOVE the bronze brown color and it's perfect for my complexion. I think it works best with a primer to help it not get lost in the creases of your eyelid. I applied first by the applicator sponge then used my pinky finger to smooth it out across the lid. It has a nice sheen without it being overly shiny. I absolutely LOVE this color!

For this look I applied eyeshadow primer, highlighter on the brow bone and Spiced Rum on the entire lid. Then lined my eye with black 
liquid liner. It's so pretty!

Glow: I love it because it bears my moniker! *Does running man* I love the play on everything Martini for these products right down to the "Cocktail Napkins" (nail polish remover pads!) This product line and I were a match made in heaven. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

Glare: *Whispers* Wish the nail polishes were yummy scented too.

Overall Glam: I LOVE IT! This is perfect for the nail junkie and the girl who loves to change up her look in a very "Cosmopolitan" way. There are so many "cocktails" to chose from the choices are virtually endless! A true junkie would collect EVERYTHING in this product line! MUST HAVE!!!
With every order you'll receive a free mini gift item AND every 10th person to purchase will win "Double Fisted" Pinksicle! 

Stocked with matching Straight Up Color nail lacquer and lipstick in baby pink Chi Chi, plus matching Topper top coat and gloss in clear shine Vodka.

Make sure you enter coupon code "BLUEMARTINI" when checking out and the code is good through 4/1/10. So go have a "drink" on me!

To see more looks and products please visit www.tinibeauty.com


  1. GREAT review!!! I absolutely LOVE that lip color, I'll definitely be buying some of that.

  2. Wow, I love this site! You guys are always hipping me to new products that are right up my alley! I will be checking out their website and purchasing!


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