27 February 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Beauty Worth Going To Jail For?

February 18- A Pensacola woman was arrested for embezzling over $800,000 (NOT a typo) to feed her Mary Kay makeup habit. Apparently she bought and sold enough to earn a trademark Mary Kay pink Cadillac. Her makeup habit will cost her 19 years in prison. Ouch.

February 16- Two women, 19 and 20 of Delaware were arrested after crashing their car trying to flee police for stealing $350 worth of cosmetics from.....Kmart.

February 23- Three individuals are being sought after for breaking into a Florida warehouse and making off with $150,000 worth of cosmetics. They are thought to be the SAME thieves who struck the SAME warehouse on January 25!


26 February 2010

GoNails Product Review

My nails had been through it. Finally I got them back looking half way decent and then...they just started looking terrible. One nail would break. Then another. Then came GoNail Natural Growth Treatment. HALLELUJAH! Day three of using this, my nails and cuticles started looking soooo much better! I apply in the morning and at night before bed. For $24 it's so worth it especially if your nails are not looking so great or you are a true nail product junkie! Check out the post I did last month about the product and then visit mygobeauty.com to learn more and purchase!


25 February 2010

Black And Bow Look

As you all know I love bows!!!! So this dress was all types of right! Its simple yet bow crazy cute. With so much going on with this dress, you don't have to add too many new elements to this outfit, but some cute shoes and a clutch.  When picking your outfits pay close attention to the detail before deciding on accessories, you don't want to do too much and take away from the outfit.

I wanted to draw more attention to the legs since this a shorter dress. To do this I wanted a different color shoe than the outfit... and you can't go wrong with red shoes. They are sexy and brings out this black dress! If you are a short dress type of lady, make sure its a believable length...

Test: If you bend over and your special area is hanging out, you may need to come up with a new strategy for your short dress idea.

I paired it with a black clutch to keep it simple. Handbags of all types aren't for every lady. Although the ones (like me) who carry entirely too much in their normal bags, some variation of a handbag/clutch is needed to survive on.


24 February 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession: Sugar Luxe Designs

This weeks obsession feature's Sugar Luxe Art. An adorable online boutique that creates Art & accessories that are designed to give your personality a custom fit. They make just about everything from Canvas Art to Designer Mirror Compacts. The thing that I love most about this boutique is that all of their products are so feminine and colorful.

New York Dancing Queen Designer Mirror Compact

Dance the night away with this jeweled magnifying mirror. The design process includes an advanced pro-formula UV barrier to keep the imagery as vibrant as the day it was created. It's also made with genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Full Circle On Canvas

Sexy, Successful, Smart, Seductive, Strong. Fashion always comes full circle. No matter what the new hot trend is, there is often nothing sexier than when a woman gets in her comfy jeans with a t-shirt or tank top. The least conservative of the new collection, this contemporary, ultra-modern piece is inspired by women with confidence, curves and unmistakable sex-appeal.

Sugar Luxe also makes the perfect gifts! There gift boxes alone are so adorable and make such a statement.

Meet the artist Chandra Michaels. You can learn more about her brand by reading her bio here.

They have a variety of Sugar Luxe girls to choose from. Interested in finding out which one fits your personality? Take the facebook quiz to find out Which Sugar Luxe Girl Are You? Here.


23 February 2010

Glow In The City: Bronner Brothers Hair Show Part II

This past weekend not only did I get the chance to experience the world famous Bronner Brother's International Hair Show here in Atlanta but I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my blogging partners in crime, Martini!!!! That's right, Glow Girls were in the building! We mingled, took lots of pics and indulged in hair & makeup heaven!!!!

There were literally hundreds of vendors in the building and so much to take in. But I think we managed to grace just about every isle. I think I can pretty much speak for both of us when I say the Makeup booths kept calling both of our names... " Martiiiiiiiiini....Odaaaaaaaara....cooooome heeeeere"

I really racked up on a few deals!

NYX were one of the many vendors there and definitely one of my faves. The prices were insanely affordable! $2 shadows, $3 lip glosses, I could've spent hours at their booth!!!

The creators of  my FAVORITE ceramic flat irons were also there. Who knew that CHI also made cosmetics and nail polish? I certainly didn't until this weekend. I bought a few colors from their Limited Edition  Galaxy Nail Lacquer Collection. ( Review coming soon) 

I was introduced to Vonetta Cosmetics and instantly fell in love with their Mineral Foundation. I'm so glad this company is local because I'll definitely be buying more from them! (Stay tuned for the review) 

Also, we got a chance to catch up with Kiley Russell; President of Big Girl Cosmetics. 

She was so thrilled when she found out that we follow her on twitter LOL. 

She also gave me a mini makeover ( footage coming tomorrow) 

and you know I couldn't leave without buying SOMETHING!!!!
The Ginger Almond Body Butter smells SOOOOO good!!!! 

For more pics from the show be sure to check out our photo album on Flickr

Catch a little of the footage from the show below...

I had such a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again!!! 


Eye'd Try It Look™: Calypso Madness!

While at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show this past weekend, I really wanted to play up my eyes from normal everyday "workplace friendly" eyeshadow.
The inspiration came from a dress I wore to the afterparty on Saturday night. I got a lot of compliments on the shadow! Here's what I used to create this look!

Prep and Finish: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (OBSESSED with this stuff!), L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Eyeliner, Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Mascara Black
Brushes: Sonia Kashuck Medium Shadow Brush, Studio Tools Blending Brush, NYX Shading Brush (B14), Artistry Flat Liner Brush
Shadows: Wet n Wild White Liner Pencil, NYX Yellow Funk (60A), NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Orange Pearl (LP18), BFTE Raspberry, Nicka K High Definition Shadow #3039, Jane Eye Zing Electric Iris (16)
How I did it:

Applied the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion on the entire lid. Then with the Wet n Wild white liner applied it to the brow bone to medium to heavy (Area #1). Using my pinky finger, I blended until harsh lines softened being sure to leave most of the color visible. Next using the Sonia Kashuk Medium Shadow Brush I applied the NYX Yellow Funk across the brown bone on top of the white. Next I applied the NYX Ultra Pearl Orange Pearl directly below the yellow (same brush)(Area #2). Next I applied the Nicka K HD Shadow (Pink) layering a small amount of the BFTE Raspberry at the upper half of the Nicka K shadow below the orange (same brush)(Area #3) last the Jane Electric Iris (same brush)(Area #4).
Note: When using the same brush, be sure to tap off the excess color before applying the next color.
Still using the Sonia Kashuk brush I applied all the colors again a little heavier. Using the Studio Tools Blending Brush I began blending the colors at their transition lines applying more of each color as needed making sure they look "faded" into one another. Using the NYX Shading brush, I buffed the entire lid in small sections from starting at the top of the lid to soften the colors. I then applied the L.A. Girl Liner (White line) and the Revlon mascara.

On the lower lid I applied the NYX Yellow Funk, Nicka K (Pink) and Jane Electric Iris by wetting the Artistry Flat Liner Brush in dipping in each color making short dashes to create a flowing color liner look. Finished by lining the waterline and lower lash line with the L.A. Girl liner and applied the Revlon mascara.

For the lips I used Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion, Revlon Creme Gloss Patent Leather Pink (025) and clear gloss.

Earrings by Lunaversoul


22 February 2010

Glow Girl Events:The Makeup Show-Los Angeles

This year marks the 5-year anniversary of The Makeup Show. After a successful debut in Los Angeles in 2009, The show meets again for its annual West Coast The Makeup Show LA on February 28 & March 1, 2010 at downtown’s California Market Center, located at 110 East Ninth Street, Los Angeles, CA, from 9AM-6PM daily.

For two days, The Makeup Show LA brings together top industry exhibitors, speakers from all areas of the makeup artistry, new product introductions and special pro-only offers - all in an intimate setting where insider-only tips and techniques are traded between the best in the business.

The show features more than 60 pro-makeup industry companies including: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Alcone, Becca Cosmetics, Smashbox, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Korres Natural Products, Embryolisse, Stila Cosmetics, Face Atelier, Graftobian, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Bellápierre Cosmetics, Longmi Lashes by Daniel and many more!

For more information please visit www.themakeupshow.com 


21 February 2010

Glow In The City: Bronner Brothers Hair Show!

If you haven't been to the Bronner Brothers hair show it is a very exciting and overwhelming experience. Hundreds of vendors from across the country, daring stylists, beautiful models, cosmetics and a few celebrities make this event pure eye candy. It was our first time attending the show and boy oh boy we did NOT (but we should have) expected the "three feet of personal space" being seriously violated...lol. There were HUNDREDS if not over a thousand or more in attendance. Yesterday marked the first day of the three day show. Here's a video and some photos at the show!

We'll be posting more pictures and video as well as feature products and vendors! Stay Tuned!


18 February 2010

Nica Naturals Review

Lately, I've tried several natural soap and scrub products by different companies, all had such different effects on my skin. I finally came across a line that not only works well with me, but smells absolutely great. Nica Naturals is my new obsession!! Nica Naturals has an absolute great line of soaps, scrubs, and shea butters.  Their handmade products is packed with yummy greatness such as jasmine, sweet almond, and tea tree.

The Nica Naturals mission is to promote a holistic approach to health and beauty by providing quality hair body and home care products made with natural ingredients tailored to produce results without compromising quality.

Sweetness Soap
The Smell: It smells divine. Mild fruit and flowers smell that makes me want to smell the soap day in and day out. It's one of those smells that will linger on the skin, with just the right hint of smell good. I can smell the Jasmine and Rosemary clearly.

The Look: It looks like a big piece of Chocolate bar, its very appealing to the eye! The name definitely describes this product. Sweetness

Ingredients : Saponified Coconut Oil , Apricot Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosemary, Extract, Jasmine Flowers,and Fragrance Oil.

Sweetness Scrub
Details: This phenomenal brown sugar smell introduces a product that not only smells great but exfoliates and moisturize the skin. This scrub leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, I love the feel!

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil.
Price: $8.00 (Buy Here)

Sweetness Shea Butter
Details: This product you can use on your hair or body. The ingredients in this butter produce a moisturizing conditioner, that can help hydrate and restore dry skin or hair.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, and JoJoba Oil
Price: $10.00 ( Buy Here)

Caress Me Soap
Details: I love this soap. The lather is great and the smell is yummy, I can feel the apricot all over me.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosemary, Rose Petals, and Fragrance Oil.

Lanbeli Soap
Details: I am a Jasmine fiend, so the ability to smell Jasmine and Lavender in this great soap is refreshing.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel, Avocado Oil, Rosemary, Lavender & Jasmine Flowers, Lavender Oil, and Jasmine Absolute.

Bay Bay Soap
Details: I love the lather you work up with this soap, it leaves a truly smooth texture to the skin.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosemary Extract, Ground Bay Leaves, and Bay oil.

Save 10% on any order with this coupon code: 
1GTGG0 (offer expires 4/30/10)


17 February 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Obsession: Deena & Ozzy Small Lock Wallet

I love accessories and I'm always changing my wallet every chance I get. A girl can never have too many, right? Usually I prefer larger wallets that can pretty much hold everything but I thought this was the perfect selection for those days when I want to keep things to a minimal.  It's compact & cute! I love the bronze hardware and the detailing over the flap. It folds out to reveal a bill pocket, 4 card holders and an I.D. window.

It's also available in Coral, very chic and springy! 


15 February 2010

Go Floral! Fresh Orchids for Your Hair!

Disclaimer: White Sands provided me with free samples of this product to review and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.*

 White Sands Orchid Oil gives new meaning to "fresh flowers for your hair." Contains orchid oil extract that aids in the return of moisture, softness and shine that is damaged for heat styling, chemical hair treatments and UV exposure. Also helps to repair split ends and heal cuticle layers.

I love the smell! It smells so good. Even after one application I noticed a difference in my hair. It can be a little difficult to get out the bottle but I absolutely LOVE it.

Relatively inexpensive at $20 for 3oz your hair will thank you and smell like fresh flowers from Hawaii.


14 February 2010

Nail Junkie ( V-Day Edition) : Milani "Ruby Jewels"

Happy Valentine's Everyone! Even though I normally prefer neutral colors when it comes to nail polishes, in honor of V-Day I decided to make a bold exception. I ran across this color in CVS a couple weeks ago when they had a lot of their cosmetics marked down. I remember walking past it and coming back to it rationalizing with myself over whether or not I was going to buy it LOL. I passed it up that day but noticed it again a week later (still marked down) and went ahead and gave in.

Although I still feel like red is SO not my color, "Ruby Jewels" by Milani didn't disappoint me.

CVS/ $4.49

The first thought that came to mind when seeing this color was "there's no place like home", the vibrant red color and the glitter reminded me so much of Dorothy's ruby slippers in the wizard of oz LOL!

The flash on my camera is sorta bright, you can't really see all the shimmer this color had going on but trust me its sparkly!


Glow Girl Weekend: Happy Valentines Day!


13 February 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Beauty Bank or Blow? (The Truth)

Couple of weeks ago we posted a survey for you die hard Glow Girl beauty shopaholics and here are the survey findings! Wanna take it?
Click here --> http://surveys.polldaddy.com/s/9FAEE4E95C857309/ to add your two makeup brushes!

On average, how often do you shop EXCLUSIVELY for makeup?

0-3 times a month57%
5+ times a month29%
3-5 times a month14%

Where do you most often purchase your makeup products?

Mix of online and in-store71%
Local Drugstore (i.e.-Walgreens, Rite Aid)14%
Cosmetics Boutique Physical Location (i.e- Sephora, Ulta)14%
Department Store (i.e- Macy's, Nordstrom) 0%
Exclusively Online 0%

What prompts you to purchase makeup? (Most times)

Really don't know why31%
New Product29%
Sale, Clearance26%
Try new brand14%
Ran out of product0%
Special Occasion0%

If you were to purchase makeup right this moment, what would it most likely be?

Nail Polish14%
Base Applications (Primer, Plumper, etc)0%

Would you say you are an impulse buyer when it comes to makeup?

Depends, Sometime57%
Not all all0%
Nope, I window shop first0%
Most times, yeah0%

In your makeup collection, do you use everything?

I'm partial to certain things in my stash but use everything eventually57%
I have some items I haven't used yet but plan to29%
I can spare to part with some of this stuff. I have stuff I don't or haven't use and don't plan to14%
I just have way too much stuff to attempt to use it all 0%
I use everything to get even wear out my makeup stash0%

After purchasing makeup and getting home, do you often feel regretful for purchasing and question your purchase?

Depends on what I purchased57%
Nope. I don't even bat an eyelash29%
Yes. Guilty as charged14%

Do advertisements influence your purchase? (You love the look on the model and want to achieve the same)


Do you have a beauty budget? What is your budget? (Two part question)

I try to. I do a pretty good job when I can stick to it27%
$100-$200 9%
I don't purchase often enough to even have a budget 9%
Sure do! And I stick to it 9%
No Limit/Um...yeah...that much 0%
What's a beauty budget? Better yet what's a budget? 0%

Are your purchases influenced by seasons?

Um, I just purchase whenever71%
Yes. Spring and Summer29%
Yes. Mostly Winter 0%
Yes. Mostly Fall 0%
Yes. Fall and Winter 0%
Yes. Mostly Spring 0%
Yes. Mostly Summer 0%

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