25 February 2010

Black And Bow Look

As you all know I love bows!!!! So this dress was all types of right! Its simple yet bow crazy cute. With so much going on with this dress, you don't have to add too many new elements to this outfit, but some cute shoes and a clutch.  When picking your outfits pay close attention to the detail before deciding on accessories, you don't want to do too much and take away from the outfit.

I wanted to draw more attention to the legs since this a shorter dress. To do this I wanted a different color shoe than the outfit... and you can't go wrong with red shoes. They are sexy and brings out this black dress! If you are a short dress type of lady, make sure its a believable length...

Test: If you bend over and your special area is hanging out, you may need to come up with a new strategy for your short dress idea.

I paired it with a black clutch to keep it simple. Handbags of all types aren't for every lady. Although the ones (like me) who carry entirely too much in their normal bags, some variation of a handbag/clutch is needed to survive on.


  1. *DEAD* at "new strategy" LMAO!!! But it's true!
    Love this look especially those boots.

  2. lol Im just saying, unless someone wants their goodies hanging out thats on them lol.

  3. you have SUCH an obsession with bows!!! This is a really cute look lol!


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