02 February 2010

Draw Strawllers..Hair Spiraling Out of Control

I purchased Strawllers a little over a year ago (as a permie) because I wanted to have an alternative to using the less expensive way to put spiral curls in my hair-which is using regular drinking straws or using heat.

I came across Strawllers after doing a Google search for straw rollers and magically appears these rollers! I was so excited to get them. I browsed through the entire site and made my purchase. I couldn't wait for the package to arrived. I got it within a matter of days. Now I had experience with regular sized rollers but was a little challenged by the actual length of the Strawller.

One problem I encountered was the fact that I have thick hair and I didn't purchase enough when I thought I did. Problem two was I made due with what I did had, strategically rolling my hair to where I could use a curling iron for some missed spots. Problem three...you cannot sleep in them. Now regular rollers you can, though a tad bit uncomfortable you can manage. These rollers although a great invention works best in a salon setting and rolled by a stylist. Now if you purchase a lot of them you can probably get your girlfriend to roll your hair and you have to sit under a dryer or be stuck with them for a day until your hair dries.

These aren't flexible either like FlexiRods. While the concept is cool the application resigns you to walking around with these "straight" rollers that can be a little uncomfortable or a nice long visit to the salon. The up side is the style can give your hair a break whether you're a permie or natural. You can have the curls as small and tight as you'd like or as loose as you like. They are relatively affordable but if you have a ton of hair...you might want to suggest to your stylist to order these for the salon you frequent. *TING*

While these aren't completely user-friendly for the average Glow Girl, unless you're one heck of a  roller. However in the right hands, your hair can look fabulous. My honest option, drinking straws are the easiest way to go. They're flexible, plentiful and inexpensive. Unless they develop a way for the roller to be a little more flexible-leave Strawllers to a trained professional.

They are set to be featured on Tyra February 5th, 2010. Check your local listing. For more information about Strawllers please visit www.strawllers.com


  1. Its funny you did this post because I was JUST thinking about getting a straw set, but I have a lot of hair and I can't imagine doing these myself. And I'm almost sure the salon is gonna charge me an arm & a leg to do these but I think its worth it, especially if they last. I'm gonna try it out really soon! ( at the hands of a professional of course) LOL!

  2. i love this style.
    odara i'll do it for you for a pack of sour skittles and orange soda


  3. LMAO!!! Is this the Erica I know??? If so, can I throw in a 12 pack of blue sharpies for an extra curl in my sideburns?

  4. YUP!!!!
    i'll even do some....BABY HAIR TYRA STYLE!

  5. Tini! Is that what u used in ur hair in the pic to the right?? I've always wanted to try these as well...

  6. No ma'am. In that pic I actually used sponge rollers...it creates the same effect like the Strawllers but not as smooth.


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