02 February 2010

Glow Girl: Football Flirt Series "Eye'd Try It™"(WhoDat Eyes)

Me and the Gimme That Glow staff wanted to do a Football Flirt Series for all you ladies out there and show you different looks for each team as well as tips for your Superbowl Day.  We hope you enjoy!!! 

I'm a New Orleans girl and most definitely a Saints fan so you know who I'm rooting for in the Superbowl. I created a couple simple WhoDat looks for the Saints fan. Saints colors are Black and Gold, so I stuck to those two and added one other just for fun.

Eye Primer
: Mac Prep+Prime
Base Color: Mac Carbon
Other Colors Used: Urban Decay Deluxe Honey and Fishnet
Comments: All looks are absolutely easy! Quick and Fun!


With my first look, I started with a black over the lower lid, that ended at my crease. Next, I used a gold over the top portion of the lid. This is a basic look that works great.

The next look, required me putting black over the complete lid, followed by gold.  This is another simple eye that looks great.

For those ladies that just can't see their selves wearing on black and gold, you can add another favorite color of New Orleans in Purple.  Start with Look Two, then add your favorite purple on top.

For those a little more daring and just want to do something crazy, do a black and gold eye!


  1. LOVE looks 1 & 2 !!! I'm too prudish to try the 3rd look lmao!!!!


    I love the shimmer of the gold! I love it!

  3. lol wow prudish lol thats my new favorite word. Hey this look took on my new favorite combo look. Go look at my twitter avatar lol I have one black eye and one pink eye. Yes Im probably crazy but still.

    Yea Martini, I really like this gold Urban Decay has its greatness.


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