03 February 2010

Glow Girl: Football Flirt Series "Eye'd Try It™"(Colts Fanatic)

Who's READY for some FOOTBALL???!!! *ends enthusiasm* OK, I'm not gonna pretend here, Odara is NOT a fan of football. (Wait, I'm talking in third person, WHY am I talking in third person? ) Ahem...I may not necessarily be a fan of the sport but I do indulge in the super bowl every year, and this year will be no different.

What team am I rooting for, you ask? 

Yeahhhhhhh Baybeeeeeee!!!

Well, yes AND no...

No need for you go-hard Saints fans to raise your eyebrows just yet, I may rep the blue & white for our fab  "Football Flirt Series" but "technically" I'm rocking with the Black & Gold. YEAH, I SAID IT!!! Come on, this is a FIRST for New Orleans and I'm excited for them. I hope they bring home the victory!!! WhoDat!!!!!

So, lets jump right in...

In this weeks "Eye'd Try It™" look, I portray a Colts Fanatic and let me tell you, I had WAY too much fun getting into "character" LOL. I wanted to create something fun & spunky without going into left field.

Products used:

  • Eyeshadow: A couple shades of blue from my Coastal Scents palette.
  • Jumpo Eye Pencil in Milk by NYX
  • Infinite Liquid Eyeliner by Milani 
  • Volume Shocking Mascara by Loreal

I'm still having trouble with finding the perfect blending technique but eventually i'll get the hang of it...

 I think its safe to say that I went a little overboard...

Yeah, that's my "game face" snarl....

Hey, don't judge me I got wrapped up in the moment LOL...

I can think of another reason that MIGHT have influenced my over anxiousness....

Mmmmm...maybe Blue & White isn't so bad after all ;o) 

Although the blue I used was a tad bit lighter than what I was aiming for, I'm still pleased with the outcome. Whatever look you decide to create just remember the most important thing is to have fun! ( I sure did )


  1. Goooooooooo Colts! I love it!!! Even though you're not a true fan, I'll accept your fanship for this post! LOL

  2. lookin' like a cheerleader. WHERE ARE THE WHITE HOTPANTS????


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