11 February 2010

Glow Girl Spotlight: NikStar

I wanted to bring you a new Glow Girl Interview from a beautiful young lady making a name for herself in the modeling world, NikStar. In the "real size" modeling world we all heard of Mia Tyler and Mia Amber, but there is a lot of fresh talent out there paving their ways. Hope you enjoy her story and become inspired to always follow your dreams!
When did you decide to get into modeling?
A little over 4 years ago.  I've always been told, like most girls who want to model, that I had a pretty face and I should try it.  But even still, I was a size 26 teetering on a 28, and
I knew a plus size woman wasn't the same as a plus model.  Once I got down to a size 18, my confidence boosted and I thought, I COULD DO THIS!

Photo shoot Makeup Routine?
I just try to make sure that my skin is well hydrated prior to the shoot.  Lots of water is a must.  If there is a makeup artist on set, I don't have to worry much about the makeup.  I just arrive with a fresh clean, mosturized face.  If I happen to be doing my own makeup that day, I consult with the photographer as far as what type of looks they want to create.

What traits make up a great model?
Facial expression, the ability to convey different emotions with your eyes alone, posing, someone who communicates well, pleasant, prompt and professional.

What are some of the pros and cons to plus size modeling?
The industry is still very small.  You will see most of the same models being used in many different campaigns.  It's quite competitive because of how small it is.  One of the pros is that more and more people are starting to recognize that there is a need for plus models.

What do you see as the future of plus size modeling?
Right now, real size modeling is all the rage.  I can only hope that it is not a fad for the beginning of 2010 but a peek of what is to come.  I'm very excited about it.  Plus Model Magazine will be incorporating size 18+ models into their magazine.  The response is going very well.

Who are some of your favorite models?
Mia Tyler, Whitney Thompson, Mia Amber, Maddy Figueroa

Any tips for the ladies looking to get started in the industry?
Do your research!  It is imperative to do research on an industry that changes on a daily basis.  Talk to the people that you most admire and network like crazy.  Figure out where you fit in.  It's harsh, but not everyone can be a high fashion plus or straight size model.  Your hips might be a couple inches too big, your nose too wide, your eyes too close together, or you may be an inch too tall; with that said, don't be discouraged!  You've got to have a thick skin to compete in this industry.  Everyone will not like your look, but there will be those that do.  Seek those opportunities!

In this industry, how do you market yourself?
I am currently doing away with being referred to as a "plus size" model.  I'd rather be referred to as a "real size" model.  I am a size 20.  Most plus models begin at a size 10 with 14s and 16s being the most popular sizes. Size 18 is usually used for fit models. I go for all castings, I get myself out there.  Even if I don't get the job, I have to try.  I feel the need to let everyone know that,
"HELLO I'M RIGHT HERE!" because shoppers want to see women of all sizes, women that look like them.

What can we expect next from you?
I have some good things brewing in my pot.  I am talking a designer in Chicago for her new line that will be coming out later this year; she would like for me to be her fit model.  There's also a new plus clothing boutique in Wisconsin that has asked me to do a couple of things with them.  I have an interview coming out in a major plus magazine next month. Also, expect me to continue writing and trying to break the mold for plus girls.

 I want to get into photography.  I've always loved capturing moments and my goal is to purchase my first DSLR and get to work within the coming months.

What's your daily skin care routine?
It's very simple actually.  I try to drink water (some days I'm good and some I'm bad).  I cleanse with Aveeno, it's the only thing that does not break me out while evening out my skintone.  I'm horrible, I don't moisturize like I should.  The last one I used was by Garnier and it completely broke me out, so I stopped using it.  I am looking though, cause the wind is Chicago is no joke.  I do use Gold Bond w/Shea Butter and I swear by it.  My skin gets so dry in the winter and after a couple of days, you can tell the difference.

What make up brands and items can we find in your bag?
You may randomly find OPI and Sally Hansen polishes in my bag, colors vary depending on what color is currently on my fingers.  I have a separate smaller purse inside my over the shoulder bag just for lip gloss alone.  I'm not a super brand "whore" so to speak, but I love C.O Bigelow. My lips always feel great with it.  Yes, so I've confessed to other that I'm a complete lip gloss addict!  Any time I see it, I have to have it. I don't wear much makeup on a daily, so the only makeup related item is lipgloss in my bag.

Favorite makeup creation?
I love the glowing, natural sun-kissed look It's probably my favorite. Completely effortless and easy going.  When done correctly, I promise everyone always asks about my skincare regimen and I giggle, cause Idon't really have one.

What's your fashion style?
I was just talking about this the other day to a friend.  My style is all over the place.  My mom always said that I could wear anything and make it look good, some days I totally agree.  I admire lots of different fashiont trends, but I myself, think that I tend to be a bit plain.  I'm preppy, although my BFF describes me as a hippy.  I like it all though!  I like to combine styles and see if I can get away with it.  But I do tend to buy lots of basics and classic styles that can wear season to season.

What are some of your favorite clothing stores?
Lately, I've been addicted to online shopping.  I have much more self control when it's online.  Right now, I'm shopping at Yours Clothing, Evans and ASOS, all UK online stores.  My favorite store is Old Navy, and I do frequent Target, Torrid and Ashley Stewarts as well.

Have any fashion tips for our readers?
Wear what makes you comfortable and expresses your personality!  Don't follow trends if you don't like it.  Just because they brought back hammer pants doesn't mean you need to wear them twice. *cringe* 

Try on everything!  I know a lot of larger women loathe the fitting room, but try your clothes on before you get home.  Oh, and don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Tell us about your new blog?
My blog is my point of view on modeling, fashion, beauty, love and life.  It is geared towards the plus fatshionista, but I will definitely include ramblings that will hopefully be of interest to everyone who reads.  Because it is still very new, I am working on getting my name out there, creating a following, all while shaping the contents of the blog.  As soon as money permits, I want to do more reviews to help readers out.  In my latest post, I included some thoughts of guys. I want to make this a regular thing for my blogs, I like the idea of having a guys opinion.

Glow Girls Rock!!!
What makes you a glow girl?
Hmm, I'm a glow girl because I'm fairly natural and definitely comfortable in my own skin.  I use beauty products to enhance and not cover up or make me look like someone I'm not.  Being yourself is so important these days!


  1. GAWGEOUS! Love the interview! Who can bicker with thicker? *snaps* O.K.?! LOL

  2. LOL thanks Cole for the interview!!! :D I'm linking this interview on a post right now! Sorry I'm late, I had company!

  3. awesomeness! thats all i have to say about
    Nikstar! :)

  4. Beautiful!!! Great Interview!!! And thank you for introducing Yours Clothing they have adorable stuff for us plus size gals. I've recently discovered that UK based stores seem to have more of a selection than some of the one's here. Keep being you and stay motivated on your journey Nik!

  5. Glad you liked! yes glad to see the different clothing store offerings


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