13 February 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Beauty Bank or Blow? (The Truth)

Couple of weeks ago we posted a survey for you die hard Glow Girl beauty shopaholics and here are the survey findings! Wanna take it?
Click here --> http://surveys.polldaddy.com/s/9FAEE4E95C857309/ to add your two makeup brushes!

On average, how often do you shop EXCLUSIVELY for makeup?

0-3 times a month57%
5+ times a month29%
3-5 times a month14%

Where do you most often purchase your makeup products?

Mix of online and in-store71%
Local Drugstore (i.e.-Walgreens, Rite Aid)14%
Cosmetics Boutique Physical Location (i.e- Sephora, Ulta)14%
Department Store (i.e- Macy's, Nordstrom) 0%
Exclusively Online 0%

What prompts you to purchase makeup? (Most times)

Really don't know why31%
New Product29%
Sale, Clearance26%
Try new brand14%
Ran out of product0%
Special Occasion0%

If you were to purchase makeup right this moment, what would it most likely be?

Nail Polish14%
Base Applications (Primer, Plumper, etc)0%

Would you say you are an impulse buyer when it comes to makeup?

Depends, Sometime57%
Not all all0%
Nope, I window shop first0%
Most times, yeah0%

In your makeup collection, do you use everything?

I'm partial to certain things in my stash but use everything eventually57%
I have some items I haven't used yet but plan to29%
I can spare to part with some of this stuff. I have stuff I don't or haven't use and don't plan to14%
I just have way too much stuff to attempt to use it all 0%
I use everything to get even wear out my makeup stash0%

After purchasing makeup and getting home, do you often feel regretful for purchasing and question your purchase?

Depends on what I purchased57%
Nope. I don't even bat an eyelash29%
Yes. Guilty as charged14%

Do advertisements influence your purchase? (You love the look on the model and want to achieve the same)


Do you have a beauty budget? What is your budget? (Two part question)

I try to. I do a pretty good job when I can stick to it27%
$100-$200 9%
I don't purchase often enough to even have a budget 9%
Sure do! And I stick to it 9%
No Limit/Um...yeah...that much 0%
What's a beauty budget? Better yet what's a budget? 0%

Are your purchases influenced by seasons?

Um, I just purchase whenever71%
Yes. Spring and Summer29%
Yes. Mostly Winter 0%
Yes. Mostly Fall 0%
Yes. Fall and Winter 0%
Yes. Mostly Spring 0%
Yes. Mostly Summer 0%

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  1. Very interesting a lot of glow girls shop for makeup 3 to 5 times per month and don't have a particular reason. We are lovers of the beauty products woohoo.

    I was expected a lower number actually from a good majority of people.


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