27 February 2010

Glow Girl Weekend: Beauty Worth Going To Jail For?

February 18- A Pensacola woman was arrested for embezzling over $800,000 (NOT a typo) to feed her Mary Kay makeup habit. Apparently she bought and sold enough to earn a trademark Mary Kay pink Cadillac. Her makeup habit will cost her 19 years in prison. Ouch.

February 16- Two women, 19 and 20 of Delaware were arrested after crashing their car trying to flee police for stealing $350 worth of cosmetics from.....Kmart.

February 23- Three individuals are being sought after for breaking into a Florida warehouse and making off with $150,000 worth of cosmetics. They are thought to be the SAME thieves who struck the SAME warehouse on January 25!


  1. Wow.. that's a little much. I'm all about the makeup, but it's just not THAT serious. *smh*

  2. Girl you would think so. But makeup is serious business! With the cost of makeup (for some brands) only way most people can afford it is to steal it unfortunately. But I'm not going to jail over a makeup brush and some eyeshadow...LMAO


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