23 February 2010

Glow In The City: Bronner Brothers Hair Show Part II

This past weekend not only did I get the chance to experience the world famous Bronner Brother's International Hair Show here in Atlanta but I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my blogging partners in crime, Martini!!!! That's right, Glow Girls were in the building! We mingled, took lots of pics and indulged in hair & makeup heaven!!!!

There were literally hundreds of vendors in the building and so much to take in. But I think we managed to grace just about every isle. I think I can pretty much speak for both of us when I say the Makeup booths kept calling both of our names... " Martiiiiiiiiini....Odaaaaaaaara....cooooome heeeeere"

I really racked up on a few deals!

NYX were one of the many vendors there and definitely one of my faves. The prices were insanely affordable! $2 shadows, $3 lip glosses, I could've spent hours at their booth!!!

The creators of  my FAVORITE ceramic flat irons were also there. Who knew that CHI also made cosmetics and nail polish? I certainly didn't until this weekend. I bought a few colors from their Limited Edition  Galaxy Nail Lacquer Collection. ( Review coming soon) 

I was introduced to Vonetta Cosmetics and instantly fell in love with their Mineral Foundation. I'm so glad this company is local because I'll definitely be buying more from them! (Stay tuned for the review) 

Also, we got a chance to catch up with Kiley Russell; President of Big Girl Cosmetics. 

She was so thrilled when she found out that we follow her on twitter LOL. 

She also gave me a mini makeover ( footage coming tomorrow) 

and you know I couldn't leave without buying SOMETHING!!!!
The Ginger Almond Body Butter smells SOOOOO good!!!! 

For more pics from the show be sure to check out our photo album on Flickr

Catch a little of the footage from the show below...

I had such a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again!!! 


  1. Aww thanks! We had a great time! My poor little feet are still hurting from all that walking! LOL But we met some great vendors and saw some interesting stuff!

  2. Thx Tamar!!! We sure did have a great time!!!! We have to plan something soon where all 4 of us can hang out!!!

  3. Enter me..I wish I would have seen your booth I would have stopped by! Will you be attending the Natural Hair show in April here in Atlanta?

  4. #nailkid2 Hey!!! I heard about the natural hair show, I haven't decided yet but I may attend!

  5. OMG! I missed it. Great products. Do you know when is the next show here in ATL?

  6. @Brooks the next one is August 7-10th

  7. Odara,

    Thank you SO much! I am definitely subscribed to your blog NOW!


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