14 February 2010

Nail Junkie ( V-Day Edition) : Milani "Ruby Jewels"

Happy Valentine's Everyone! Even though I normally prefer neutral colors when it comes to nail polishes, in honor of V-Day I decided to make a bold exception. I ran across this color in CVS a couple weeks ago when they had a lot of their cosmetics marked down. I remember walking past it and coming back to it rationalizing with myself over whether or not I was going to buy it LOL. I passed it up that day but noticed it again a week later (still marked down) and went ahead and gave in.

Although I still feel like red is SO not my color, "Ruby Jewels" by Milani didn't disappoint me.

CVS/ $4.49

The first thought that came to mind when seeing this color was "there's no place like home", the vibrant red color and the glitter reminded me so much of Dorothy's ruby slippers in the wizard of oz LOL!

The flash on my camera is sorta bright, you can't really see all the shimmer this color had going on but trust me its sparkly!

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  1. Usually I only do clear on my nails, but this is a nice color to try out.


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